Hi!  I’m Gemma, Mum to Blake, Wife to Shaun and writer of these words.

This Storm in a K Cup blog was originally set up as a bit of fun when I was a new Mummy with a ridiculously large bra size (hence the blog title!).  I started this blog as an online diary of my son’s life, milestones and misfortunes.  From breastfeeding to baby led weaning, the pitfalls of parenting to potty training it’s all here for him to read when he is old enough to understand and old enough to be subjected to his Mother’s occasional sweary rant.  Everything else in between has been written for my own amusement, I’ve developed a love of photography so I like to showcase my photos and the terrific feedback I’ve been grateful to receive has kept me writing and snapping.

I’m not one of these Mums who pretends that life is rosy and perfect.  Life is what you make of it but boy it gets hard once you become a parent! This is a real account of the day to day dramas involving a stressed and frazzled working Mummy, her pee obsessed offspring and hilarious Scouse husband.

Things I like:baby and dad with moustache

  • Marmite
  • spinach and orange smoothies
  • spending time down at the beach
  • photography
  • cuddles
  • helping Mums with breastfeeding
  • venting my life’s frequent dramas on this blog
  • buying tat on Ebay

Things I don’t like:


I’m 30 something, loud and silly, happy, healthy and loving my journey as a Mum.  Thanks very much for stopping by and checking out my blog, I really do appreciate it!

Got a burning question? Need some advice on breastfeeding? Want to use one of my photos? Want to give me a million pounds?  Then get in touch!…

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