Day 10 of #100happydays


Despite a trip to hospital in an ambulance, very little sleep and pain like I’ve never experienced before, its nice to look back at the last 24 hours and be thankful and happy. I’m very very grateful for the NHS who saw me swiftly and relived my pain. Even though I don’t have any answers as to what was wrong, I’m really thankful for the care I received.


I’m also super happy and thankful for my awesome Mum in law. She came to get Blake late last night and disturbed him with little fuss, so he had no idea what was happening.


Today, this furry boy has made me happy. Bailey, our lovely Labradoodle hasn’t left my side since I came back from the hospital. My very own furry Florence Nightingale. With Shaun away on a course it’s comforting to have the canine man of the house keeping watch over me. Despite his ever shedding fur, his stinky breath and his occasional erratic behaviour, he makes me very happy.

3 responses to “Day 10 of #100happydays

    • It was like being in labour again! Had these awful visions I was going to be one of those like you see on TV, going in to hospital thinking you’ve just got food poisoning or need a big poo, but you leave with an unexpected 7lb human! Thankfully that didn’t happen.

  1. Have you followed up with a GP’s appointment? Years ago I had incredible abdominal pain, which was at the level of labour pains, and which followed weeks of intermittent tummy trouble. Turns out it was some sort of IBS, which was triggered by stress (I had tests for all sorts – including ovarian cysts/cancer). I had to go on an ultra low fat diet for a few weeks and take anti-spasmodic drugs and painkillers. But the most important factor was giving up the extra teaching job I’d taken on, on top of the other two I was already doing. In retrospect I can see that I was in full on panic mode about work and juggling lots of commitments, but at the time seemed like it came out of the blue. Whatever it was, and whatever the cause, take it easy!

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