Day 8 of #100happydays

Today was a brilliant day all round, so many amazing things to choose from that evoked happiness.

I started the day completing Jackie O’Carroll’s ‘New Beginnings’ workshop which was motivational, inspirational and I felt very moved and grateful to be amongst such amazing women.


I reconnected with a friend today too, the lovely Gemma Bradley from  Gemma really inspired me to start my juicy journey again last summer and I’m so happy to have her support and inspiration every day. She came to the workshop alongside another amazing girl who I was so happy to finally meet in person. I’ve watched this lovely young lady’s journey online for a while now, and I’m always in awe at her maturity and spiritual connection at such a young age (although she’s probably no idea how switched on she actually is). We went for a yummy fresh juice at the OMG Juice Bar in Crosby and chatted the afternoon away.


Later today, I visited my sister Rachel. She ended up in hospital on Friday after falling down the stairs and she’s got a suspected fractured pelvis. It was difficult watching her in so much pain but I’m assured she’s getting better. Watching her get a big fat kiss from Blake made me happy today. We took arnica and cuddles round to try help her out. We are thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery very soon.


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