Bonfire Night 2013

How grateful am I, to be a Mum and have the excuse to once again marvel at the delights of fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. The contrast of a cold, damp and dark November evening against the hot, glowing red of the bonfire. The children’s eyes all wide and excited as the sparklers are lit. The men, all ravenous waiting for hot pot, the women fussing and hosting, laughing and making sure the children don’t wander too close to the fire or pick up hot discarded sparklers.

I love November and I love Bonfire Night.

This year we were very blessed to be invited to rural Balderstone to see how the country folk put on a bonfire. Thanks to our friends Tori and Ben for the invite, a lovely night was had by all, especially the children.

Take a look at the video I put together of our Bonfire Night 2013 experience.

8 responses to “Bonfire Night 2013

  1. Wow wow wow! Your fab video brought years to my eyes. You captured the joy and wonder with neighbours, friends and family in 3 mins. What a star and thankyou!!

    Hayes family at Bezza Barn xx

  2. I’m Tori’s next door neighbour, love what you did with the video, its absolutely BRILLIANT, please come at Christmas and bring your camera, you’re Bezza’s new media and PR agent LOL xxx

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