VIDEO: A beautiful, memorable, incredible wedding!

Yesterday I attended the best wedding ever. Literally, THE best. And I’m so proud to have been a part of it.

That’s a bit of a big statement from someone who used to be in a wedding band and someone who has assisted wedding photographers at countless weddings. I’ve been to hundreds. But none quite like the incredible wedding of our beautiful, wonderful friends Lee and Vicky.

Image with kind permission from Emma Hillier -

Image with kind permission from Emma Hillier –

We are so lucky to have Lee and Vicky in our lives. They are just the best friends anyone could wish for. Lee is happy go lucky, laid back, fun and loveable. He’s a brilliant friend to Shaun and we were honoured he was our best man at our wedding. He’s also Blake’s most favourite person in the whole wide world! Vicky is the most thoughtful, genuine person you’ll ever meet. Who behind a reserved exterior, lurks the best R&B loving party girl you’ll ever meet! Vicky is just authentic and the friends and family close to her, have such love and respect for this organised, hard working and loving, fantastic lady.  She goes out of her way to make others happy and yesterday she went out of her way to create the most amazing touches to her dream wedding day, that had us all gasping in awe and amazement.

The venue, Eaves Hall, not far from Clitheroe in West Bradford was just stunning. A stately home steeped in history that breathed elegant, contemporary shabby chic in every corner. It was beautiful, full of character and perfect for such a highly anticipated day. (You see our lovebirds have been together for 13 years before tying the knot so this day has been a figment of Vicky’s dreams for a long time!).

Image with kind permission from Emma Hillier -

Image with kind permission from Emma Hillier –

I was honoured to video the day and last night, at 1am after the party had finished, a few of us giggled our way through late night games of pool, cheese eating and dancing in the games room. I provided the soundtrack via iTunes on my laptop, they all had a fight with the blue chalk from the snooker table, and I started editing together some of the footage from this most perfect, memorable wedding.

It’s just a taster and there’s much more to come, but it was lovely to present this to the delicate newlyweds this morning, whilst still on a high and before the wedding blues kick in.

I think my wedding blues have kicked in already. I wish I could turn back the clock! But in filming the wedding, I’m a lucky girl. I have hours and hours worth of footage to go through and edit, so I’ll get to relive the day over and over for the next few weeks!

Images courtesy of the bloody incredible Emma Hiller, amazing wedding photographer, top lady and all round bundle of fun! Thanks Emma!

2 responses to “VIDEO: A beautiful, memorable, incredible wedding!

  1. Gemma every time I watch this I cry, my family cry its just so beautiful To make it even better the words you have written in this are so beautiful and really touching. I am honored that you wanted to film our wedding, and very very grateful that you did. I can not wait to see the rest, thank you for doing this, thank you for being a fabulous friend and a true inspiration! love you! xxx

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