Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Every Monday morning, whilst sat waiting for my train I would get the familiar *ping* on my phone to say I had new mail. It would usually be Kate from the Five F’s Blog with her post joining in on the Meal Planning Monday task as originally set and outlined by At Home with Mrs M.

Being a Monday morning I would read these posts with interest and admiration – it’s Monday! How on earth can they all be so organised!!!??

A few times I have gone away and planned a few meals for the week on paper, usually referencing the BBC Good Food website and it has been lovely to have some structure and forward planning for the week.

Last week I started another little support group on Facebook.  This one is called Healthy Habits (please feel free to join in here – Healthy Habits) and it is just a place for people to be accountable, share tips on better health and wellbeing and share experiences.

I set it up because I was getting so fed up of being in a spiral of eating unhealthy food, which if I am honest I don’t actually like very much, but it’s just convenient. Life has been pretty stressful this last month and I haven’t been looking after myself. It’s the age old scenario of feeling tired and stressed, so you eat on the go or grab the nearest thing, or give in and get a takeaway which in turn leaves you lethargic and feeling miserable. The stress and tiredness starts again in a cycle and it just feels horrible. Well, I’ve broken free from it all at last and had a little word with myself. After all, only ME puts food in my mouth and only ME decided whether I exercise. I know these two elements are the key to life flowing a little better, for everyone in my family, so it is time to sort it out. Plus, I found some more lumps in my breast recently and just thought it was stupid how I’ve not been looking after my health at all, especially given how frightened I was 3 months ago.

Yesterday I spent an hour making a meal planning spreadsheet! Yes, a spreadsheet! What a loser I am but I am excited about it. I have emailed it to Shaun so whichever one of us is home first, we can get cracking with the dinner. The recipes are hyperlinked (uber geek!) and we are all colour coded.

meal plan

Here are a few links to some of the recipes on there:

Prawn & Rice one pot

Pea & Mint Soup

Spicy Root & Lentil Casserole

Sausages with Oregano and Mushrooms (I have ordered quorn sausages for this so I can join in too).

As soon as I had drawn up the meal plan, I went online and ordered all the groceries for the week from Tesco and arranged for them to be delivered this evening.  The whole process took me an hour yesterday morning and as we were all lazing about enjoying our Sunday it didn’t feel like a chore or task.

Hopefully this meal plan will give us focus for the week and our lethargy and stress will feel a little easier to manage.

Have a great week – whatever you’re eating and don’t forget to check out more meal plans over at

Gem x

9 responses to “Meal Planning Monday

  1. Lovely to have you join us. I just started in January and it does help me focus for the week, plus always lovely to see what other people are having and get some inspiration for future weeks x

  2. Sounds fabulous and so organised! I find we eat so much better since I’ve started meal planning, and it saves money too! No last minute unplanned takeaways! Good job!

  3. I am truly humbled you have been inspired by me. You are way more organised than me as I wing our lunch (tho the kids have school dinners) I do this so automatically now, I can’t imagine not having a plan ready for the start of the week! Like Natasha, I get ideas for meals from other entries and use them in my own plans.

    • I’ve actually been using your meal plans for months Kate! I will see something you have posted and usually adapt and attempt it in the week. Glasgow Mummy also sometimes joins in and she tries to eat fish a couple of times a week which fits in my non meat eating self. It’s nice to finally properly plan and properly join in. I need to have some sort of routine and order in life right now whilst I’m working such long hours and in turn I hope eating better will enable me to not have a meltdown!

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