Photo a day April 5 – something good

Something good… hmm…

Something I’ve wanted to write about and rave about since I received it a few weeks ago – my customised silver necklace from Amy at iLove – available to order through her Facebook page.

customised silver jewellery for women iLove jewellery by Amy

£34.50, beautifully presented and sent super quick.  Amy actually sent this on a gorgeous silk and leather necklace which I sometimes swap with the white gold necklace of mine.

I’d seen something similar (but not as nice) on Notonthehighstreet but it was three times the price. I decided £34.50 was an OK figure for a little present to myself and I’ve not had the necklace off since I bought it. It’s beautiful and it means so much.

Thank you Amy! You talented, creative lady! Please visit and like the official iLove Jewellery Facebook page

2 responses to “Photo a day April 5 – something good

  1. Hiya, I love this jewellery and would love to order it…. But I must be being really thick as I just cannot track Amy down on Facebook. Has she got a website?


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