Photo a day April 4 – this happened today

Today was a very special day.  I have written previously about Alex Hook and his fundraising efforts for a new wheelchair. Today he stepped it up a notch with a highly anticipated 30 mile bike ride on a hand trike from Blackburn to Blackpool.

It was an amazing, emotional and long day.  It took Alex and his support team of riders just over 6 hours on the road to travel the 30 mile journey.  Poor Alex was shattered at the end but his Mum, Dad and sister Chloe were all so so proud of him as he crossed the finish line:


On the way back we put some short clips of the footage taken throughout the day into a video and I will edit together a longer version for the family over the weekend.  Here’s our little trailer for it:

There’s still time to donate to Alex’s cause at

Thanks for your support!

PS – I know this is supposed to be photo a day and not photo(s) a day but I couldn’t resist including this one of Alex’s Dad Nigel and family pet dog Bobby anticipating Alex’s finish on the shore at Blackpool.  Love this photo.


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