What I Wore Wednesday: Body Suit in Public!

This morning I got up and put on the following:


Bright burnt orange jumper with silver piping £35 Marks & Spencer Limited Collection
Black vest top – Topshop
Two tone contrast black wax look jeggings £35 Marks & Spencer Limited Collection
Orange/Grey high heels £7 New Look
Dianne Marshall Hair Extensions in 20″ colour 6

I was working in the absolutely stunning Karidis Medispa within the luxurious Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool. Whilst there I was asked to be a model for a big beauty event happening that night. A quick call was put in to the ever accommodating awesome mum in law to ask if she could have Blake. So this evening I headed back to the Karidis Medispa – the innovative non surgical treatment spa owned by one of the UK’s top plastic surgeons Alex Karidis. I was to experience body sculpting in the form of Endermologie – a fat and cellulite busting high tech treatment.

In order to experience the treatment though I had to wear the following (hence my link to What I Wore Wednesday!):


No I’m not the 6th Power Ranger! Honest!

The treatment involved wearing the body suit, having my key problem areas mapped out and the LPG Endermologie machine run along the lines of the problem areas. Like so:


The Endermologie machine acts as a vacuum and when placed on the skin pulls the skin upwards lifting and distributing fat deposits, smoothing the appearance of cellulite. I found it a really comfortable treatment which felt like a deep massage. People were invited into the treatment room to watch Karidis LPG expert Charlotte administer my treatment and ask any questions they may have had.


It was a great night, I learnt lots from listening to the experts at Karidis – Caroline, Charlotte and Carolina who were just lovely and so fantastic and professional in their approach. My treatment wasn’t at all painful. I found it relaxing and it felt like a firm massage.

I’m looking forward to donning my body stocking once again on my next visit to Karidis Medispa – this time without the audience!

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