Coping with Childhood Illness

Last Friday we had Blake’s 2 year check with the Health Visitor. I stupidly and foolishly uttered the following words when she asked the question “How is Blake’s general health?”:

“Great! I mean he’s had chickenpox but you wouldn’t have known as it didn’t bother him, a couple of high temperatures that amounted to nothing but no that’s it! We’ve been really lucky I suppose to get to 2 and him never have a cold or cough or be sick”.

Fecking IDIOT! I didn’t touch wood.

A mere 18 hours later at 6am Saturday morning in runs Blake and clambers into bed with me – soaking. And stinking. I turned the bedside lamp on and the little mite was full of orange coloured vomit. I had been out the night before and Blake had enjoyed a Dad and Lad night which involved pizza. I immediately blamed Shaun (for I am the food police) but it soon became apparent that this wasn’t related to food and our boy was very sick indeed.

washing pile

Day 1: The kid that detests sleeping more than anything in the world decided to sleep on the dirty washing pile and we KNEW he was ill!


Day 1: Blake could’ve been puking at the sight of his Dad’s hairy man rug?

Like the saddo that I am, after Blake had been continuously vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea for an hour I started a chart, outlining the times he was sick and the times it came out the other end.  By 2pm he had puked over 12 times and had the runs over 10. Shaun wasn’t as concerned at first but I just had that Mother’s intuition that all wasn’t OK at all.  I called NHS Direct who asked me a series of questions. As soon as I answered everything the health advisor told me to take him to our nearest A&E department immediately.  If you’re a parent of a toddler reading this I was told that if he was bringing up nothing but water and bile to take him immediately as it could be a sign of something more serious.  He didn’t elaborate on what but I thought I would pass that on as it was important.

It’s a good job we phone NHS Direct when we did as on the way to Alder Hey in the car (armed with trusty bucket) Blake started to go grey, then his lips went blue and then he started to drift in and out of consciousness.  I started to feel the panic rising as we seemed to be caught in traffic jam after traffic jam. Shaun could see Blake through his rearview mirror and his foot went down on the accelerator like we were at Silverstone.  Blake was seen immediately and checked over. Sod’s law – in the wait for a doctor he perked up massively and I cried with relief but then worried that the docs would think I was making it up.

Blake was up and down for the next few hours as the nurses gave him fluids, ice lollies (which he enjoyed tremendously) and prepped his little hands for a drip.   The doctors wanted to avoid the drip if possible so we were advised to feed him 5ml of diorhalyte every 5 minutes to try stop the onset of dehydration, which in children of Blake’s age can be fatal if left too long.  His temperature was also very high so we had to strip him to cool him down. He was very upset at this as he was enjoying wearing his Fireman Sam onesie! Whilst at the hospital he was really up and down and once again very floppy. I wanted him to get a drip, just so I knew he would be having fluids, whereas Shaun wanted to avoid it at all costs.




As a last resort we had to pin Blake to the bed and smear a soluble anti sickness tablet in between his cheek and gums. It was heartbreaking to see how distressed and upset this made him but we were desperate for him to get better. The tablet worked, he perked up and within half an hour was dancing to Gangnam Style in his cubicle and we were discharged.

On our return home about 10pm Blake just complained how hungry he was.  We tried to give him a small amount of food but he still couldn’t hold it in and he could hardly keep his little exhausted eyes open.

blue planet header

I put the mattress from the spare room on the floor of his room and stayed with him through the night where he woke for water every hour or so and was only sick once. On Sunday morning I fully expected for Blake to wake and be OK again. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday have been pretty much the same.  He’s managed to eat very small amounts and so far there’s been no sickness since Monday but he’s still suffering from occasional diarrhoea and still not his usual self.  He still goes floppy, his temperature is up and down and it’s like he is frightened of eating or drinking incase it makes him sick. He’s lost a lot of weight and my already slender boy has ribs and bones poking out everywhere which makes me sad. My sleep-phobic Toddler has been asking to go to bed at all hours of the day and early evening, not even bothered whether we read him a story or “Lie down wiv me five minutes Mummeeeee!” so we definitely know something isn’t right!



So, between me being ill for a fortnight and now Blake the new self employment/starting my own business lark has fallen by the wayside! I’ve said I’m writing March off and I’ll start it properly as soon as we are back to normal.

Now let’s hope myself, the hubby and the dog don’t get it and let’s keep everything crossed my happy, silly, lively baby is back to his usual cheeky self very very soon.


Our dog Bailey takes over playing Nurse so I can make my lunch



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