First Week As My Own Boss


Forgive the “G” word – I didn’t make it!


I am my own boss.


It’s been almost a week since I left my job in radio.  Almost a week since I sobbed big fat tears all the way home, sobbed on the train clutching my bin liner of ‘stuff’ out my office drawers (why DID I have 5 packets of cous cous in my bottom drawer?).

Someone took this by accident at my farewell meeting in the boardroom. I love it! Discarded wrapping from lovely leaving gifts from lovely friends.

It’s been almost a week since my box room became my office and became my daily home.  I’d put all the plans in place.  My website was ready to be built, systems agreed and sorted with my writing team, household budget spreadsheets written, business income forecast spreadsheets full to bursting, jobs booked in, training courses booked.  It was going to be a fab week!

Then I got sick.

The absolute worst I have felt in years.

A throat, chest and ear infection all at the same time that even caused me to faint yesterday (great!).

I hadn’t forecast this on my spreadsheet!  So, I’ve eaten well, lived off green smoothies and manuka honey and every night this week I have been relaxing and in bed by 9pm which, trying to spin a positive here, is what I have needed to do for a long time.


Spinach and orange smoothies and salad WILL make me better!

Do You Have To Get Sick To Slow Down?

I found this great article asking “Do you have to get sick to slow down?” and in my case the answer is most definitely “Yes”.  I believe the good old Universe has sent this sickness my way to try and instil some habits into my new working life from day one.  I need to always focus on WHY I quit my job – to spend time with my family and get a better work/life balance for the sake of everyone and for the sake of my health.

So whilst the illness has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works it’s been nice spending time trying to relax and get over it.  It has also taught me that a percentage of my earnings needs to be siphoned off into a savings account for times when circumstances dictate that I can’t work as much as I want.

Today Blake and I are having a duvet day.  He’s just told me this as I type this blog. He’s grabbed his trusty sofa blanket and has wrapped himself in it declaring “Come lie down with me Mummy, lets put Magg-agg-gas-ker DVD on”.  So I’m off to oblige and watch the adventures of Alex the Lion and friends for the 55th time!




Are you the same?  What forces you to slow down? And how do you relax? Especially when you have children?

Let me know in the comments below.

Gem x

4 responses to “First Week As My Own Boss

  1. Good stuff Gem, it’s a big step.
    I can’t wait until I leave my place and go solo on the 28th of this month. The box room is now fully converted into an office, business phone line is now in place. I’m personally dieing to get my teeth stuck in and see if I can make a go of it. If it doesn’t work out the hey ho, at least we’ve had a go at it! Good luck! xxx

  2. So good to know that you didn’t let being ill slow you down too much. I’ve been living off green smoothies too but it didn’t stop me getting sick either! I’ve still gone into school to read with the children, done my voluntary stint with the children’s charity and helped out at Beavers, but by Friday I was on my knees and went to bed early. Maybe I should have done that sooner? Off to read the getting sick and slowing down article. Not sure relaxing is in my vocabulary since having my little man 🙂

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