Eating Out With Toddlers

Dreading a day of tantrums (mine!)


Yesterday morning I was feeling a little frazzled and stressed. The last few weeks I have been working really late, until the early hours and I think it all caught up on me.  It was one of those mornings where nothing I did seemed to please my fair boy.  He cried because he couldn’t find his favourite car toy, cried because he wanted Cheerios, then toast, then Cheerios again (as I served up the toast) and I could feel the stress rising and the tension mounting.  It felt like it was going to be ‘one of those days’.

I’m lucky, really bloody lucky, that my life has changed rather dramatically over the last few months.  I’ve learnt some simple coping mechanisms and I’m able to get myself out of stress quite quickly.  So, yesterday morning, once I felt that familiar burn in the chest of anxiety rising I took myself off to my room, lay on my bed, closed my eyes and took some deep breaths. I planned the day ahead out in my mind and focused on how I wanted it to go.  I visualised Blake being happy, me being happy and going off somewhere fun to eat a nice lunch and engage in some quality time together. I opened my eyes and was quickly calmer and focused.  I even managed to post this onto my Attitude of Gratitude Facebook group:

facebook post

So we got ready and took ourselves off to Cedar Farm in Mawdesley.

I mentioned in my last post that I was horrified at the money I had frittered away on things like eating out.  Whilst I’m still shocked at the amount I have spent if there is one good thing to come out of it, it’s that we have a toddler who also has a love of eating out.  Because we’ve always done it, and we’ve done it regularly, he is usually really good in restaurants. I also think that Baby Led Weaning was a huge factor in shaping his eating habits and I’m so glad we did it.

Today, I don’t know if it was the Universe helping me out a bit but on our restaurant trip to Cedar Farm he was an absolute ANGEL! 

Olympus OMD EM-5 Eating out with Toddlers

He sat in his own grown up chair (propped up with a couple of cushions).

He pretended to read the menu. And then wore it as a hat.

He took interest in everyone around him and even spied another table receiving an order of black olives to which he declared “Lol-ives Mummee! Can I haff Lol-ives? Can I? Can I?”


I don’t know if it made a difference today but sitting in a proper chair and interacting with me like a friend, rather than me as the person of authority meant he relaxed and enjoyed himself more.  I read the menu out to him and he picked what he wanted himself “My haff soupy soup wiv toast…..erm…and chips!” was his reply and he looked all grown up and adorable.


Later, as he tucked into his hot chocolate, again which he ordered himself he looked so incredibly mature I felt all sad.  Sadly the marshmallows were not a hit at all!

Eating out with toddlers

Blake’s reaction to marshmellows

He ate every last scrap of food, said please and thank you to the ladies who served us.  Now, I have to admit that I’ve taught him this next one… but he even delivered his trademark uber cute killer closing line (without prompting) as we left by running up to the kitchen and shouting “Thank you for my dinner pretty ladies!”.   They melted. I melted.  That is my little boy. And I am so so proud of him.




I don’t come on here to praise him as often as I should.  I know I’ve gone slightly hysterical in the past with his adventures through potty training and his potty mouth but I should keep a record of all the good things, the great times, the memories we are all making.  After all, he most probably won’t be able to remember today so I write this post for Blake and I’ll email him the link to his email address I set up when he was a baby.

I am grateful for the magical outcome of a magical day! I feel blessed, lucky and thankful that I was able to spend a day just me and my baby, playing, eating, laughing, kissing, cuddling and just being right here in this very moment.  It was truly special and a memory I will treasure.  Especially Blake declaring “Mummy! You are my best best best best best best best Fwend!” as he lay down to sleep.  I am grateful for these moments.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gem x

6 responses to “Eating Out With Toddlers

  1. I love this Gem, makes me want to get off my far bum and plan something lovely with Brooke. Blake is such a sweetheart, he’s such a credit to you x

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