What I’m grateful for today

Reasons to feel grateful

This morning I am truly grateful for:

1. My facebook support group and what it has done for my mind. The moment my eyes opened this morning I naturally felt dark. I am tired, I feel ill BUT this group and what it has taught me is the first thing I think of and it instantly puts me in a great mood.

2. Electricity. Without it there is no way I could get up in a morning. I need about 8 alarms. Anyone who knows me well will know of my multiple alarms. I sleep with a vibrating alarm wrist band, have 5 set up on my iPad and 5 on my phone. I have to set it an hour before the time I actually want to get up. Well, I did. Until I started this group and apart from yesterday I have jumped out of bed at the first alarm. How does that happen?! I have seen sleep specialists, doctors, hypnotherapists and tried every trick in the book this last decade. Now I can’t wait to get up and start my adventures.

3. Conditioner. My hair is wild. I always say I am the love child of Mick Hucknall and Charlie Dimmock. Conditioner helps me tame my locks and I love it. It also smells good.

4. My dentist Albert. I have had a problem tooth for around 3 years now which sadly has not been as much of a problem as 3 other teeth that needed root canal treatment first. My dentist Albert at Sweet Smiles in Liverpool is the best. He is so calm and gentle that I fall asleep and snore every time I am in the chair. He is an absolute perfectionist and has created some white fillings for me that you would honestly believe are veneers – he is amazing! He finally sorted that one problem tooth out yesterday. And he didn’t mind or scream when I bit him in my sleep! Whoops.

He is also nice to look at! See… 😉


5. My confidence. It’s something I really take for granted. I have never known what it feels like to be shy or unable to communicate with another person for feelings of anxiety and shyness. I wear my heart on my sleeve, will talk “a glass eye to sleep” as my hubby says and I love communicating with all people… hence this blog and my support group!

6. My boobs. They are pissing me off at the moment because they once again don’t fit into any clothes properly but today I am not concentrating on the way they look and how big they are. Today I am thanking my wonderful amazing boobs for making my son big, strong and healthy in the first year of his life. I also need to remind myself that these boobs of mine donated milk for sick premature babies and also cancer research so who knows? Maybe they saved some lives. I like to think so. Thank you boobs, you may be big but I love you.

7. My dog. I hated dogs with a passion. I was even hypnotised for my fear of dogs. I hated the way they smelt, the way they dribbled and just the way I thought they could and would kill me with one look. Until my husband persuaded me to get one. I think I was drunk that weekend that I agreed. I wouldn’t be without our Bailey now. And I know my Mum will be like “urgh” reading that because she too is like I was, but I honestly love my dog and his unconditional love is just ace.

labradoodle behind curtain, dog behind curtain

8. Having fantastic colleagues. I think this is something I take for granted. I may not always like the ins and outs of my day to day job but my god I love my colleagues. They are genuinely my friends whom I care about and love dearly. I feel very thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful special relationship with the people I get to spend my week with.

9. 3:48am snuggles. Blake woke up and instead of getting mad and feeling frustrated with him I just got into his bed, snuggled and snuggled, kissed and stroked and he was back asleep in 5 minutes by which time I could crawl back to my own bed. I stayed a bit first though. Watching him sleep, looking at his perfect features and tracing a line down his cheek and nose all the time beaming with pride saying “I made him!” to myself.

10. Having this time right now to put down the things I am truly grateful for. Having time in a morning to readjust my thinking sets me up for a fantastic day. Now I am off to read my list back and say my thank yous out loud.

What are you grateful for today? Let me know!

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