The Magic Day 4: Magical Health

I cursed the fact I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet

So, day 4 of The Magic is all about your health and how you need to give thanks for your health, your amazing body and all the things you are able to do because of your health.  The morning of this task got me thinking about everything I am grateful for to do with my health:

–  I am grateful for my eyes.  They may not see very well but with the help of glasses and contact lenses I am able to experience the world around me.  Reading is one of my ultimate passions, learning and immersing myself in knowledge and stories brings me so much joy. Joy I wouldn’t be able to experience without my eyes. They are also a cool hazel greeny colour.

–  I am grateful for my womb.  It grew and nurtured the single most treasured and precious gift I have ever been blessed with – my son. I hope I get to be grateful to it once more.  Not yet like, not for a good few years but maybe just once more.

I am grateful for my legs and feet.  They take me on some fantastic journeys and adventures.  They dance pretty good too, and they’re not bad at running either.

I am grateful for my voice.  I have made a living out of speaking and singing for the last decade.  Whether on the radio, the stage, recorded or simply using my voice in my everyday life to express my feelings is a true gift.  I love the fact I can sing, I am going to make it my goal this year to do more with this as it really does make me so so very happy.

I am grateful for my mental strength.  I am proud I am able to snap myself out of down days and bad moods.  I cannot begin to imagine what mental illness must feel like and feel grateful that depression has never knocked on my door.

I am grateful for my brain.  It allows me to store some truly magnificent memories and experiences that I know I will recount with pride, love, happiness and joy when I am an old lady.  My brain also stores a vast amount of knowledge and skills of which I am proud.

thank you for my legs and feet


I stopped today on Bold Street in Liverpool and gave this Big Issue seller a few quid and told him to keep the magazine which he was made up about. I do always try and give to the sellers as 1) I am ridiculously soft and 2) I would hope someone would show me support if I were in that situation.

This particular Big Issue seller has no legs.

See the bottom left of the photo.

photo 2

It really got to me, with today’s task being about showing simple gratitude for things we take for granted – like our limbs! He said he struggles to get places to shelter because he is in a wheelchair and used the word “grateful” for the ramp down to Liverpool Central Station because he usually sleeps in a crevice there away from the wind. 😦

If a homeless guy with no legs can be grateful for something in this life, there is no excuse at all for the rest of us. Be thankful, feel blessed, show love.

The Gift of Health is Keeping Me Alive!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gem x

What one aspect of your health are YOU grateful for?  Let me know, comment below.

3 responses to “The Magic Day 4: Magical Health

  1. You’ve reminded me of all the things I have to be grateful about…my health being there at the top. WIthout it, everything becomes so much harder. I love having energy and like you, love being able to leave moods behind. My mum always used to say that in our family, there was only a sleep between a bad day and a good day! Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings! xx

    • Hi Michelle! Lovely to hear from you, and yes we do have loads to be grateful for. Counting my blessings in 2013 has just been the best start. So happy! Thanks for getting involved x

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