The Magic Day 3: Magical Relationships

I write this at 1:30am with tears in my eyes. Funny tears, sad tears and just overwhelmed tears.

Our Facebook support group for our 28 days of Gratitude as per The Magic has me overwhelmed.

I am just honoured and touched that people share such special things with one another which make me laugh, cry, get excited, and inspire everyone else. This group is something truly special. Whether someone has shared a one word per line list or an eloquent paragraph that reads like a beautiful short story I am just so grateful for the wonderful emotional journey this is taking me on.

Today’s task in The Magic Day 3 is Magical Relationships.

You are encouraged to think of 3 relationships that are important to you. Take a photo of each person and wrote down, whilst looking at the photo what you love about that person and why you are thankful and grateful to them.

I chose my Mum, my husband and my son.

As an example, this is what I wrote for my Mum:


I am blessed and truly thankful. My 3 relationships I chose to focus on are people who are here, walking and living with me on this earth. If there is one thing today has taught me reading other posts is that life is too short.

Heartfelt words about parents no longer here have really got to me today. If you look at the last point on the left hand page of my list about my Mum that is something so simple, so trivial and so easy to rectify! All we need to do is make the time for one another. Book a weekend away, arrange a lunch, have a sleepover in our onesies! All simple things that don’t have to be done all the time but they do need to be done.

Life is too short, time is of the essence and it isn’t going to happen if WE don’t MAKE it happen. I’m a busy bee, she’s a busy bee but we just need to work smart, get our diaries out, work out when my Judith Chalmers Mother is actually in the country this year and get things booked! It works two fold as we will have things to look forward to throughout the year.

I can’t wait to get planning!

What should we do? Where should we go? Can you recommend anywhere for some mother, daughter (and sister) family bonding and rekindling?


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