The Magic Day 2: The Magic Rock

the magic book by rhonda byrne review

So it’s Day 2: The Magic Rock of the 28 day programme designed to turn your life around as outlined in The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (She who also wrote The Secret).

Now this one is something at first I was like “WTF?” “Seriously?” “A piece of stone is gonna sort my life out???” but sort it out it will.

I’ve attempted The Magic once before last Summer, and due to negativity around me (which I should’ve challenged at the time but I didn’t) I stopped it after a week. My husband Shaun, bless him, looked at me like I was completely insane when I scoured our garden for a rock I thought may have been spared from doggy defecation. Then as I bleached this rock and boiled it, I honestly thought Shaun was going to try and have me sectioned. I couldn’t blame him. It sounds mad.

But hear me out. The thing you’re supposed to do with The Magic Rock task and technique is hold it in your hands each night before you go to bed and think back through the day’s events. Scan through your day, in your mind all whilst holding The Magic Rock and pick “the best thing that happened today” from all you have experienced. The last time I did this practice, also known as the gratitude rock, it took me a good few days to appreciate why this is done and just how powerful it is:

No matter how bad a day you have had, thinking back through your mind at what was the best thing makes you go to sleep thinking really happy and uplifting thoughts.

Because your brain scans back through the day’s memories for something happy or fun or moving or exciting or just something plain positive I have found that you do sleep more soundly. I am loving the fact that after completing The Magic Gratitude Rock technique I’m actually falling asleep straight away, smiling and grateful and happy. I’m not lying awake worrying or writing the imaginary list all women do at night. I’m not feeling guilty or beating myself up for not finishing that article or not doing the washing or not walking the dog. I go to sleep easier and I just feel better.

Then, when I wake up I make a coffee and repeat the task from The Magic Day 1: Count Your Blessings and write my list of gratitude which helps me set myself up for the day, again feeling happy, blessed and thankful. So, whilst my ‘magic’ rock might appear stupid and futile I absolutely love the fact that following The Magic programme has forced me to bookend the beginning and end of my day with happy, upbeat and grateful thoughts.

My original Magic Rock I bleached out of the garden mysteriously went missing at the weekend. I do have a rock my lovely friend Vicky gave to me out of her garden and I have been using that but I have been trying to find a bag of rocks my friend Jayne bought me when I went travelling. These precious stones all had meaning and she wanted me to carry them on my travels. I’ve had them for years and years since I went to Australia. I have hunted high and low for these blinking rocks but to no avail. So last night I concentrated really hard, closed my eyes and scanned through all my thoughts to see if I could remember where they were.

I am grateful for my subconscious as almost 24 hours later I’ve just had a flash of inspiration, located an old wash bag and found my stones along with the original very faded note from Jayne!

So forgive my greediness but I have 5 Magic Rocks and I will hold them all tight every night whilst remembering the best thing that happened that day.

Gem x

Ps – the best thing that happened to me today was going on a training day with work. The old Gemma would’ve seen the long drive and lengthy presentations as boring and a hindrance. The new Gemma who is approaching her job with renewed gratitude and happiness is feeling very differently about work. I really enjoyed learning new things today and also catching up with colleagues and friends from other stations whom I haven’t seen for a while.

PPS – I won’t bore you with them all but one thing I’m grateful for today is multi tasking.  I have written this blog on my phone at the same time as reading The Gruffalo to my toddler who is refusing to sleep! 

The Magic Rock, gratitude rock, stones, healing stones

The very faded and water damaged note from Jayne says:
I choose these stones carefully meaning –
Luck & Prosperity
The turquoise stone is also a protection for travellers so just pop it in your bag to keep you safe! xxx

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