The Magic Day 1: Count Your Blessings


gratitude, The Magic, The Secret, things to be grateful thankful blessed forOver a week ago I started a support group on Facebook for a select few friends to follow the 28 day programme together as outlined in the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

The Magic is a spin off of the highly popular and effective book The Secret and aims to help you shift your whole life forward by simply doing one simple thing – showing gratitude.

My original support group grew and grew until I had to start a brand new one, which I did today.  It’s called ‘An Attitude of Gratitude’ and we currently have around 120 members in this one and I am overwhelmed at how many of my friends wanted to join.  So far so good, people are interacting and loving the concept. I am excited because my original group (and myself) are actually a week into this and it has been so groundbreaking.  I honestly feel the happiest I have done in years, and my husband has pretty much been away working all week so I am super excited at how happy I can be next week when we are back together.

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is quite simple.  Every day there is a specific task in The Magic relating to being grateful for what you have in your life.

Day 1: Count Your Blessings is the first task.  It encourages you to be grateful for all that we have in our lives right now in this very moment.  There are always things to be grateful for in your life.  Writing down 10 things you are grateful for first thing  in the morning really does set you up for the day and puts you in the most uplifting and positive frame of mind.

Here are my reasons to be grateful following The Magic’s Day 1: Count Your Blessings task:

gratitude, reasons to be greatful, thankful, blessed, The Magic Count your blessings, Day 1, The Secret

There is still time to join the group (just) or you can follow me on this journey through my blog. (Subscribe and you won’t miss a day or a task).  I will be outlining examples of the tasks in The Magic each day.  I would highly recommend getting a copy of the book The Magic though, it’s brilliant.

I am truly grateful that you read this blog and that my passion for writing, sharing and helping others is appreciated by people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Gem x

PS – Comment below, let me know. What one thing are you grateful for today?

13 responses to “The Magic Day 1: Count Your Blessings

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  7. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
    I am very interested in getting in touch with other people who share my great passion for the ‘secret.’
    Please let me know about the group etc.
    All my love to you and your family from John Clarke and family xxxxxx.

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