The Gallery: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Gah! I’ve just noticed the theme for this week’s gallery post hosted by Tara of Sticky Fingers is a
little different.

Tara wrote “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” whereas I wrote feel. I don’t like breaking the rules but in this case I will have to.

You see, it doesn’t look like Christmas at all in Chez Ray. We’ve been so busy and working so hard that there just hasn’t been chance to go in the loft for the tree and decorations. I’m gutted really as before this year I was a bit of a humbug and have never been bothered by the festive season at all. However this year with Blake now two years old he understands so much more and he is so excited. He really is ready to burst with excitement and it’s hard not to get involved and feel festive.

I’ve written about my friend and colleague (and nicest man in the world ever) Dave before. Last Sunday Dave invited us to the annual Christmas carol concert at his Church. It was lovely. Really festive, cosy, fun and it was topped off with mince pies and mulled wine! This really helped us get into the festive spirit and Blake enjoyed the singing too. The choir (dressed in over the top Christmas jumpers – they looked great!) all held fake electric tea lights in their hands as they sang and Dave gave his to Blake at the end of the service. Well… Blake was just in awe!!!! It was his birthday recently and the family, friends and ourselves spent a small fortune on toys for him. What was the point? When a tiny cheap electric tea light provides so much more joy and happiness???

Blake has taken the tea light to bed with him every night for the last 4 nights. He and it are inseparable. He asks for his “Cmist-Mas liyyht” before we read the bedtime stories and his first words on waking this week have been “Where my Cmist-Mas liyyht Mummeee?”. It’s silly but I’ve sat next to him every night watching him clutch hold of this light in his sleep and its brought back all the magic and excitement of Christmas from when I was a kid. It’s also made me realise these years of wonder, anticipation and excitement won’t last forever so I have to make the most of it whilst he is little. We’ve been watching Christmas films this week and tonight I took Blake to see the Cinderella pantomime in Liverpool. I’m going to take him to another panto next week and also to see some reindeers too which I hope he will love.




So, whilst it might not look like Christmas in my house, it most definitely feels like it. And it feels truly wonderful.

I hope you have a great one yourself xxx

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