My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad!

A bit of background for this story…

Blake is 2.  He goes to a childminder who is supported by trainee childminders and so there are quite a few children in her setting, which Blake loves as he is very sociable and adores all his friends there.  He is the youngest boy there by a few years.  His boy mates include;

Oliver – aged 5

Alfie – aged 5

Luke – aged approx 8

And then not a boy but Emily (who is the childminder’s granddaughter) is 8 and joins in playing with the big boys.

Now my childminder had to have a word with me the other day because Blake had got into trouble. Trouble that has caused us to question our parenting and now watch every single thing we say in the Ray house.

Imagine the scene, Blake and all his little friends above, along with a couple more toddlers are sat round the dinner table eating their snack.  For some reason a row breaks out between the older children about their Dads and the materialistic things they own which make them cool and superior.

The conversation goes something like this;

Oliver “My Dad’s got an iPhone 5”

Alfie “Well my Dad’s got a Bee-Em-Wuvvle-Wuu”

Luke “Well my Dad’s got an Xbox”

Emily “My Dad’s got an iPad and an iPhone”

Oliver “Well my Dad is like a giant”

Alfie “My Dad is the strongest”

Blake (at the top of his voice) “My Daddy say “FUCKIN HELL”!”

Like butter wouldn’t melt…

Oh. My. Word!!!!  Parent failure or what?????

Any tips on dealing with swearing toddlers gratefully received!

3 responses to “My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad!

  1. Omg gem sorry but this made me laugh! Best thing to do is not make a big deal out of it or he may continue to say it, just explain that it’s a naughty word and daddy was naughty for saying it! My kids have no hope in hell with a dad like Matt ha ha! Although Isabelle knows what a swear word is and refuses to copy and daisy is slowly learning with the help of ME! Xxx

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