Party Bags for Toddlers


Today is Blake’s second birthday. (I know! Where has that time gone???) Sadly due to a major event at work this weekend I couldn’t take time off to celebrate with him. Although this has completely devastated me I do know that my little Tasmanian Devil Toddler will absolutely LOVE spending his birthday with all his friends at the childminder’s house. There have been a few birthdays recently amongst his friends and for about the last month I’ve been inundated with adorable little birthday related questions from him.

Because we couldn’t have a party for him this year I decided to send him to the childminder’s today armed with party bags for all his little friends.

This left me with a bit of a dilemma. You see recent party bags he has brought home have contained chocolates, sweets and general confectionary. I’ve allowed him the odd chocolate from these party bags but the rest have been happily and gratefully chomped by myself. This isn’t because I’m a greedy meanie (I’m greedy but hear me out there is method in my madness!) but because I do truly believe he has plenty of time to enjoy the odd sweet treat and whilst he is only young and I’m making his nutrition decisions for him I would rather we mostly avoid confectionary and encourage a healthy balanced diet.

It’s a well known fact I’m neurotic about food and in particular what my little man eats. Please don’t think I’m preaching. Some days it would be so easy to just give in and let him munch on whatever he wanted, especially during tantrums and screaming fits. However I have some pretty crap dental issues going on right now which have left me in severe pain over the last couple of years. I would hate for Blake to be in my situation and in this awful pain. So, I’m delaying his consumption of sweets as the good old saying goes “prevention is better than cure!”.

So party bags.

Based on this principle I didn’t want to fill them with sweets and chocolate. It would be very hypocritical. So off I went to Asda and blew what seemed like an obscene amount on 12 party bags.

Replacing sweets and chocolate were the following organic offerings:


Goodies raisins


Goodies carrot and apple cake bites


Fruit wiggles

I was worried that the other kids would take one peek inside my health conscious party bags and go “What the…???” so to save face and ensure I become top Mummy I filled it with bubbles, pirate pencil crayons, pirate rubbers, jewellery for the girls, mini footballs for the boys, comedy glasses, whistles, and these immense animal masks:


Animal masks! Yes, I may have saved one for myself…

I’m yet to hear back from the childminder as to how the party bags have gone down with the other kids. Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed and attack me with sticklebricks when I go to pick Blake up tonight.

Wish me luck!

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