What I Wore Wednesday – Where’s Wally Fashion Fail

I’ve not done a What I Wore Wednesday post as hosted by Transatlantic Blonde for a while.

Probably because I rarely these days wear anything that’s remotely fashionable, nice or worthy of blogging about.  It’s winter FFS.  I’m cold and I’m mumsy.

So, in the spirit of self depreciation (which is what this blog and my life is all about) I thought I’d share my major fashion faux pas this week.  I had no idea that my hastily slung together combo looked like I’d attended a fancy dress party prior to arriving at work until my mate Laura mouthed “Where’s Wally” at me in our Monday morning team meeting.  I flipped her the middle finger but then realised I was wearing my kind of velour bright blue jeans teamed with red and white striped cardie.

Yup.  Bollocks.

Where’s Wally?  She’s right bloody here thanks!

20121106-235922.jpgBlue soft cotton jeans from Next outlet £15
Vest top from G21 range in Asda £7
Shoes from Footglove at Marks and Spencer £39.50 (although I have 3 pairs.  I buy them on eBay as these are the comfiest shoes in the whole world!)
Cardigan from a boutique in Sydney many years ago and cost me $5AUD
Scarf is actually a pashmina I stole from someone on a drunken night out

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