Photo a Day November 4 – TV

“The surest sign of age is loneliness…”
~ Amos Bronson Alcott


“I haven’t seen a real person in five days. And the ones on the telly don’t count!”

Said my Nana Jean in her weekly catch up phone call this morning. Since my Grandad passed away almost two years ago it has been tough on her. I know she is lonely and it’s harder when the nights draw darker so much earlier. So, we diverted our plans today to incorporate a couple of hours and a few cups of tea with Nana Jean. I know it perked her up which makes me feel happy.

Chats at Nana’s involve talking about Blake and the things he gets up to, her passion for knitting and we always discuss the latest goings on in TV-land. Well, she tells me because I hardly watch the telly these days so Nana gives a quick run down of the soaps, Downton Abbey, XFactor and Strictly.

The TV is her main companion these days. And I’m not sure if that makes me feel relieved she has it or just downright sad.

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