Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

It was our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday.  Firstly, wow!  I cannot believe it is four whole years since Shaun and I stood at the top of Blackpool Tower and became husband and wife (and the first people to ever get married there).

In his card he wrote:

Got married
Travelled the world
Moved 3 times
Bought our home
Had a child
A couple of career changes…

…I could go on forever.  It’s been an eventful 4 years which I’ve loved sharing with you and here’s to sharing a whole lot more.

I had a lump in my throat as it was from reading his card and then he made me sit down whilst he turned on the TV and pressed play on the DVD player.

A bit of background for you, we went travelling the week after we got married.  We had arranged to buy our wedding photos on our return but sadly the travelling was much more expensive than anticipated and then we were saving for a house, then Blake came along and before you know it 4 years have passed and we still didn’t have any wedding photos from Stuart Ainslie our Wedding Photographer.  It’s one of those things we had been meaning to do but never got round to it, however if you read this blog regularly you will know how much I love photos and I believe these types of visual memories are worth their weight in gold.

So, back to the story.  Shaun pressed play on the DVD and this appeared:

I was crying my eyes out.  The sentiment, the fact that I realised he’d got in touch with Stuart Ainslie and bought our wedding photos and the thought he had put into such a sentimental gift.  He had arranged for our friend Steve of STMS Media to create this video slide show in just a couple of days and I was thrilled.  The Jeff Buckley version of ‘Hallelujah’ accompanying the video is our wedding song so I really was very emotional yesterday morning!

Then if that wasn’t enough, the flowers pictured were purchased by my Husband and delivered to work.  He had spent ages trying to find out the names of my favourite flowers in my wedding bouquet and requested them from the florist!

Come on ‘fess up… who spiked him with romance pills?

Last year he bought me an iPad, which don’t get me wrong I was absolutely thrilled with and felt very very spoilt and I think he thought he hadn’t done enough this year.  Men are funny aren’t they?  This is the best kind of present I could’ve wished for.  Something I can keep and look back on forever.  Sentimental, romantic and timeless.

Thank you Shaun.

I love it.

And I love you very much, my silly, gorgeous and thoughtful Husband.

Happy Anniversary xxx

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