The Gallery: Sky

After the success of last week, I’m being good, organised and consistent for once with another post for The Gallery hosted by Tara of Sticky Fingers fame.  The theme this week is Sky.

I adore this photo and I am very proud of it.  It was long before I got into photography and long before I got into editing photos so this really is as it was.  Shaun thinks it was a sunset I’m thinking it was a sunrise.  I’ve just made a really stupid comment to justify this;

“So, for us the sun rises in the East and sets in the West yes?”
“Is it the same in New Zealand?”
“WHAT?!?!?” (Putting his hands over his eyes in embarrassment at my stupidity).
“Well they’re under the equator.  Is it different?”
“Oh my God!  Are you serious?”
“Er, I dunno.  My head is pickled.  I’m trying to work out if that picture was sunrise or sunset.  I’m sure it’s sunrise but it was on the west coast.”
“Yes it was by Pancake Rocks. And us here in England turn the same way as they do in New Zealand so yes, it is rising in the East and setting in the West.  Dipshit.”


Just look at my awesome photo and forgive my dipshit-ness.  It’s late, I’m tired and I’ve had a crappy week (literally!).

Gem x

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