Snapping in Sefton Park

Today I did a very informal photoshoot with three cheeky monkeys Amelia, Lily and Jacob.

You may have already seen my recent blog on taking good photos of children well today’s shoot tested lots of the theories in that post.  We have had glorious weather up until Thursday this week and all day yesterday was perfect.  Sod’s law then that today was a morning deluge and an afternoon downpour.  Our original plans of photographing the children at the Liverpool Festival Gardens  had to be re-thought and we decided to take ourselves off to The Palm House at Sefton Park instead.  The Palm House is a beautiful Victorian glasshouse containing plant and flower specimens from all over the world.  It is a gorgeous venue for weddings and functions and now for me it’s also great for photographing little ones!  It’s bright, light and airy and there’s lots of things to challenge the children to explore, capturing them at their best as their inquisitive natures take over.

As we arrived at The Palm House, the weather had cleared somewhat so we took the children off round the ponds and the greenery.  Luckily, as we made our way into the Palm House itself the heavens opened and we avoided the wet weather.

The children were very good.  Lily, the eldest was full of smiles and helped with the younger two, taking charge and being attentive.

Amelia is full of personality, which I think you can really see in the photos.  Her Mum kept apologising saying “Sorry she’s so dramatic!” but it makes for taking good photos and getting some great expressions when they’re headstrong.

I was especially impressed with little Jacob who at only two years of age was so well behaved.  It left me feeling slightly jealous as it feels sometimes like my own little toddler tearaway is decades away from ever being good and not throwing strops!

It was difficult to get a photo of the three of them all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.  Even though this is what I was ultimately aiming for out of today, I actually prefer this shot of the three of them together.  It doesn’t matter that they’re not all looking directly into the lens, this was the photo where their smiles all look natural.

Even though the weather let us down a little and the skies are grey rather than blue it didn’t stop us all having a good time.  The kids were fantastic, the parents very patient (it was funny catching Dad pulling silly faces behind the camera and Mum trading smiles for chocolate buttons!) and we worked hard to get some great photographs which I believe will be getting printed for the upcoming birthday of the children’s Grandmother.

4 responses to “Snapping in Sefton Park

  1. Gemma, thankyou so much for a fantastic photoshoot. We all had a wonderful afternoon and you were so lovely and patient with all the kids, even little lady Amelia! The photograph’s are brilliant, exactly what we were after, can’t wait to present them to my mum on her 60th Birthday. Thanks Again, Jenny and David XXX

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