What I Wore Wednesday: Dresses

I’m rubbish at keeping up with these blog hops. I’ve not done one of these for ages and I love Transatlantic Blonde’s What I Wore Wednesday weekly blog. It really makes me think about my own clothes and what I wear. I’m trying really hard to not hide under dark colours these days and with recent weight loss meaning a dress size or two lower I’m needing some new fashion ideas.

I’m a bit of a hoarder and when it comes to fashion I will hold onto things for years and years thinking, hoping, praying that things will come back into fashion. Last week I bit the bullet and went through my wardrobes weeding out the complete dross I’ve been holding onto for years. I ended up with 9 black bin liners full of shoes and clothes. There is a Salvation Army clothes bank round the corner of my house but it was completely full to the brim – spilling out onto the road. So, I gave Clothes Collect a call who came round in their van and picked up all my unwanted items. I was paid 40p per kilo and got myself just over £25 (which I then spent on spiderman, Cars, and robot underpants for Blake but that’s a story for another day!).

So, with wardrobes now no longer bulging at the seams I was able to go through everything and sort my remaining clothes. I’ve got a really annoying habit of putting two or three items on one hanger. It means I forgot what items I’ve put under others and they get lost in the tardis that is my wardrobe.

Last week whilst rummaging I found the dress below. I bought this for about £35 from a little boutique in Eccleston when I was pregnant as it was nice and long with a decent amount of stretch for the late stages of my pregnancy. Though stretchy, it isn’t very forgiving and every lump and bump shows up – something I wasn’t too bothered about when proud and pregnant, carrying Blake.

In the post partum period I remember banishing this under a couple of coats with the thought that “I’ll never be able to get into that again.” So, fast forward 18 months and the slimmer more confident me let out a squeal of delight when I slipped it on last week. Contrary to previous negative thoughts I didn’t look like a bag of potatoes in it. I wore it to work last Friday with most people in shock I’d actually made an effort. I felt fantastic in it and it’s definitely a dress that’s no longer banished and I shall wear with pride.


Wedding outfits

A couple of weeks ago was the long long long awaited wedding of my good friend and work colleague Zoe. Being a Liverpool wedding where all the women are stunning and go all out in making an effort, I wanted to buy something special to wear. I found this dress in Reiss in the sale. At £137 it was probably about £100 more than I’d normally spend but I’ve been working so hard on my fitness that I decided to treat myself.


The dress may have been expensive but I saved a fortune on a couple of pairs of shoes in the New Look sale.


£20 for the red and grey pair and £7 for the gold, I couldn’t complain and I also couldn’t decide. The reddy orange colour of the shoes were proving a difficult match for accessories and I was leaning towards the plainer pair. Then a quick mooch round Debenhams resulted in this find:

Gorgeous clutch from Coast half price at £25

So all that was left to do was book a Curly Blow (yes you read that right) in my beloved Voodou, a spray tan, find some matching nail varnish and I was ready for the long awaited wedding of Zoe and Colin.

Finally, here’s the whole ensemble alongside the most beautiful bride Zoe on her magical day.


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