The Gallery: Emotion

It’s been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggeessssss since I did a post for The Gallery hosted by Tara of Sticky Fingers fame.  I’m actually shocked it’s been so long (almost 11 months!).  I read these posts every week, click on the links that others add to the Gallery and go “ooh” and “ahh” at Tara and the gang’s lovely photos.  I’m a lazy bitch.  I really should do less creepy lurking and push my way in and get stuck right in.

Which is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW!

I am sat here writing this naked straight from the shower (where I do all my thinking and I’ve just remembered reading Tara’s Gallery post earlier).  I’ve not even patted my wet bits dry yet, I’m THAT determined to join in.

When I read Tara’s Gallery posts I think one of the reasons I don’t join in is because I take too many photos. I read the theme each week and I think I find it hard to pin it down to one image I’ve taken or I simply forget to get out there with the camera and complete the task.  When I read the ‘Emotion’ theme for this week there was one image of mine that instantly came to mind.  I’m not sure why.  I mean ’emotion’ is so broad and vague and I’m sure I’ve got thousands of pictures that could bring this theme to life.  However, the picture below is one I adore.  I took it just over two years ago at the wedding of an old friend from my Preston days – Caroline and her husband Pete.  Caroline is the sister of my crazy friend Pez who was like my right arm for a few years.  He even flew to Australia with me.  I always get told I look like Caroline and asked if we are sisters (which for me is a HUGE compliment as she is just stunning) and in a way I was kind of a surrogate sister for a while taking on her daft as a brush Brother like he was my own.  Anyway, I digress.  Caroline is just gorgeous inside an out.  An absolute diamond of a girl so it was an honour to assist my husband in photographing her special day.

This photo was taken in the interim between day and night do.  She is overlooking the field where her hilarious family and friends are jumping around on bouncy castles and space hoppers.  I didn’t ask her to pose for this picture, I was messing around with the long range lens and happened to get lucky.  The reason I love this picture and the reason it flashed up straight away in my mind for this theme is because she just looks so content.  Yes, she’s happy, yes she is completely in love, yes she is excited – all relevant emotions to this theme but I just see this photo and think how content she looks.  It’s one image I am really proud of because it captures her unaware, unposed and completely at ease.

I hope you like it too.  And Caroline, if you’re reading this I hope you don’t mind me using your lovely self for this!

Gem x

10 responses to “The Gallery: Emotion

  1. She does look very happy doesn’t she? I love how she is captured unawares , lost in her own thoughts and relinquishing in her happiest of days. She looks radiant , it’s a fab photos and great of the theme x x

    Ps. Love your blog name and the photo in your header!, x

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