Gardening with Toddlers

“Saw-brees Mummee! Saw-BREES!!!” Blake shrieked with adorable toddler excitement. The fruits of weeks of hard toddler labour had finally appeared in the form of two tiny strawberries and Blake was proud as punch.


That was about a month ago now and my little 20 month old whirlwind has turned into a bit of a green fingered gardening obsessive. It’s lovely. Every morning he wants to go and check on his plants and strawberries and shows a clear understanding of how they have grown.

He likes standing next to his rapidly growing sunflowers. Probably because from the day we planted them we’ve been telling him that they will grow to be bigger than him. Most days you’ll see him stood on the sleepers here, body straight and rigid saying “Big as meeee Mummy!”. It’s adorable. I love it.


My sister bought him a watering can which started off his obsession with gardening tools. We encourage him to help water the plants. Shaun is great with him, like a big walking science lesson taking the time to explain that plants, like Blake, need water every day and all sorts of other facts. Even though he doesn’t understand there’s no harm in telling him. Shaun is like a human encyclopaedia so Blake can’t escape it!


I picked this little gardeners set up from Marks & Spencer for about £10 (I think). He likes to put mud in it and pull it round the garden. It’s fantastic and has really helped keep up his fascination with gardening. There were a pair of plastic shears with it that I had to remove. The blades were plastic and blunt but the ends were sharp. Not a good combination mixed with a hyper excited toddler and I had the shears accidentally rammed into my upper thigh yesterday… Ouch!


Blake’s favourite thing though is by far the strawberries. In addition to the bonus of getting to eat the perfectly juicy fruit when ripe, he loves the spiders protecting the plants. He knows to be careful around the spiders and not ruin their house (the webs) and we’ve told him that all the spiders will look after his strawberries when he is in bed.


So whilst the summer nights stay warm and light we continue our gardening adventure and routines. So far our times in the garden have been some of my favourite moments this year. It has really helped Blake’s development I’m sure.

Now, when would it be acceptable for him to start mowing the lawn?!


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