Testing testing

I’m setting a new theme for my blog and it’s pickling my head.

I would class myself as an intelligent person but WordPress and the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org has meant I’ve wasted ages following instructions for the wrong format of my blog site.

I’m ready to cry.

So I’m posting this lovely random first-one-that-came-up-on-my-hard-drive picture of my gorgeous Sister and Bro in law on their wedding day.  I’m hoping it will appear as a sliding image on my homepage and I can go and join my husband in bed before he threatens divorce.

Fingers crossed that this works for me!  Sorry if you are subscribed to this blog and this crappy useless post has just arrived in your inbox and awoke you from your slumber.  Please forgive me.  I’ll get you some biscuits next time I see you.

Gem x

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