On Yer Bike

Bradley Wiggins (and his strange unflattering Amish ginger side burns) is single handedly making us get on our bikes if recent figures would have you believe. Over the last fortnight since Wiggins’ Tour de France victory, bike sales have gone up by 29% in the UK. Coupled with the Olympics now turning us from a nation of couch potatoes to sporting wannabes, Biking is the new fad and my little man has now officially joined the craze.

I don’t know about you but I always need something to look forward to. Little trips, excursions and things that will get me through the working week. I’m not talking expensive, blow-the-bank, take out a second mortgage activities. It really is the little things that matter to me. So, we’ve made a pact that we will do more family orientated activities and always plan something for one evening or a weekend.

Shaun has been into biking for a few months, taking off to Welsh valleys where he throws himself and his wheels down hills and gets caked in mud. He has been whining at me to get a bike for ages so we can go on little family trips. I’m not that bothered. I’d rather take the dog for a run or go to the beach so Shaun suggested we could do both if we got Blake a toddler bike seat. A quick trip to Halfords (twice – the first seat didn’t fit) and £60 later our little man was kitted out in his new Thomas the Tank helmet, riding behind Daddy in style and comfort in his new seat.


We had a little practice first in the garden and it was an absolute pleasure to hear Blake squeal with delight as Shaun put foot to pedal and whizzed him round the grass.


I got the dog sorted and the boys cycled ahead along the canal tow path. I could hear Blake’s shrieks of delight echoing the streets as the dog and I struggled to catch up.



I even had a go but it didn’t last long! Shaun’s bike is like riding a spring due to the suspension and I was petrified Blake and I would both end up in the canal! So, I did about 10 metres, posed for the pic and handed the bike and the baby back to their rightful, more skilful owner!


It was a brilliant evening together as a family and I might just have been persuaded to purchase my own two wheeled cycle. You never know, I might even enjoy it.

2 responses to “On Yer Bike

  1. Aww, how sweet! He looks so happy on that bike! And Blake looks excited as well! Oh, such a great joke.

    Great post, though: got to get out and about whilst the sun shines! xx

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