Taking good photos of children

If you know me personally you’ll know I love photography. I’m lucky my husband got into it and invested in some decent kit. It meant I couldn’t help myself when it came to picking up the camera and learning tips and tricks from hubby, the internet and photography books.

I’m by no means an expert. I just really enjoy it. But photographing kids can be a tough job. My tips for getting good photos:

1) take them outdoors in fair or nice weather if possible. Give them things they can touch and explore and capture their reactions. I like taking people to the beach:

Thanks to @plasticrosaries for allowing me to photograph her gorgeous girl



2) Capture them when they’re not tired/hungry/teething etc. I know this is a no brainer but you can’t force a shoot on a toddler who needs a nap. If they aren’t responding to your requests for smiles and giggles take pictures when they’re not aware you’re watching (and armed with the camera):




3) Get someone else (behind or above you) to plead for smiles. So you can keep your eye on the viewfinder to pick that perfect moment when they’re smiling naturally:


4) Don’t be scared of no smiles or half smiles. Some expressions can be just as stunning as a toothy grin:



5) Focus on the eyes. If you’ve got a fancy schmancy camera where you can pick your focus point ALWAYS put it on an eye. Everything else can be out of focus but as long as the eyes are sharp your image will look stunning:



6) Images on your phone can be just as good as those on a camera. Thanks to amazing apps like Snapseed, Camera+ and Instagram it is possible to take some beautiful and impressive images and then edit with a swipe of your finger. It’s actually so much quicker than photoshop or Lightroom so don’t be afraid to experiment. These apps are a couple of quid and are so worth it. Turn a boring image into a visual masterpiece:



7) Have fun!!!! It should be enjoyable for both the children and you as the photographer. Get messy, be silly and just try and make taking photos a playful experience. If it isn’t, pack up and try again another day.


All photos taken by me using Nikon D300/D700 with prime lens or iPhone 4S. Copyright Gemma Ray.

5 responses to “Taking good photos of children

  1. OMG. I’m making a list of all the prints I’m going to buy when you auction them off in poster-size. The one of the child and the bear on the sofa has just been added as a Prio1. Hate to say it tho, with a cm or so of cropping on the right, I actually prefer your “before” pic. I wouldn’t center the kids and I’d keep them the same size (after crop). But just my ho. Sorry 🙂
    Stunning … again!
    MJM xx

    • Hiya! I’ve only just seen this lovely comment thank you very much.

      I actually wanted to find some other before and afters to compare but I’ve deleted loads of pics off my phone… Ya know because I’m slightly addicted and all that.

      I love that photography is subjective. Everyone has different tastes and likes so I thank you for sharing yours. No need to say sorry silly!

      Gem x

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