Garden Fun

Argh! Damn and blast. Mad busy week coupled with pretty much no service on O2 means I’ve fallen well behind with the July #PhotoADay challenge.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve done it twice before (March and May) or whether the daily categories this month have left me uninspired but I feel like I’m too far behind to catch up with any quality photos.

Just because I’m not going to continue with the challenge doesn’t mean I won’t be taking any pictures. Quite the opposite. I’m always taking what I’d regard as quite decent photos (for an iPhone anyway) and posting them on instagram, so why not share here too?

Yesterday we had a lovely family day seeing great friends and then visiting my poorly Mum. Even though she’s in loads of pain I think the grandchildren provided a bit of light medication! My little one Blake and my niece Sophia absolutely adore each other. Here’s what they got up to in Nana and Grandad’s garden yesterday.






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