Birthday Sentimental Video Idea

“Another picture?!” moaned my brother in law.

“You’ll thank me in twenty years, shut up and smile!” I chastised through a smirk.

This was last night at my Niece Sophia’s 2nd Birthday gathering. My sister had decided against a big kid’s party and instead invited friends and family round for nibbles and cake in the evening.

My sister is the most domesticated person you’ll ever meet. Her house is like a show home. It is spotless (I have NO idea how she does it!). She is the most amazing cook and a brilliant Mummy. She’s a real life super mum. In being super domesticated though she does get caught up with the cooking and cleaning. Whilst frantically loading the dishwasher with one hand and putting more bruschetta in the oven with the other I observed her getting stressed, worried there wasn’t enough food and anxious about the mess.

I whispered “Have you taken any photos?” to which I got an exasperated look, sigh and a “Nooooooo…” reply.

So, I found her camera, a nifty Nikon D3100 which records HD film and swapped the standard lens over for a prime lens. I did about 30 minutes of filming, on and off, trying to capture the essence of Sophia as a bundle of 2 year old energy and important aspects of her birthday party. I haven’t quite mastered the focus with the D3100 in auto mode using the prime lens so some shots were a little blurred – especially when I had Toddlers who never keep still as the main subjects.

I uploaded the footage to iMovie, selected the clips I wanted and alternated each clip from colour to black and white then added a few titles with animated ‘pixie dust’ text. Thanks to my very clever friend Steve Timmins for the inspiration and soundtrack choice I was able to edit this together in about an hour and a half:

It was really easy to do and a great keepsake I know my bro in law will appreciate when he watches it back in 20 years. My sister cried and I did have a tear in my eye when I watched it back.

They just grow up too quick…

3 responses to “Birthday Sentimental Video Idea

  1. How lovely. Yes they do grow up too quick Gemma, I remember you at that age and you were cute too!!! xxx

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