Something Special Magazine – May Edition

I thought I would do a quick blog post about the latest ‘Something Special’ magazine (aka Mr Tumble).

The 2nd – 29th May edition comes complete with a FREE Doctor’s Set! The magazine was £2.99 so this is a mega bargain. Woo hoo! I was going to pay £16 for a Doctor’s pretend play set in Mothercare yesterday but decided not to, knowing that they fall out of love with toys very quickly. My Mum bought the magazine today as a little treat.

Blake loves playing with the Doctor set at his childminder’s house so this is great!

Both Blake and his 22month old cousin love Mr Tumble and so they were loving Nana reading from the magazine.

Full attention for at least 3 minutes 47 seconds!

Definitely a winner in our house. Grab one before they sell out.

This is not a sponsored post. I just think this is a great deal and thought I would share.

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