Photo a day May 14 – Grass


I was just about to go to sleep and give in for today’s #photoadayMay theme. I did look out for interesting grass today but working in a concrete, metal and glass metropolis it was scarce. I would’ve taken one of my own grass but that would’ve just been weeds, patches and dog poo so I didn’t bother. Then I remembered I took this one last Thursday whilst out in the field on an evening run.

I’ve had an adductor injury that has taken me 3 months to recover from so I have to make sure I stretch a lot on my runs. I bent down to do a hamstring, quad and inner thigh stretch and noticed how unusual the grass was and how lovely the sunset looked. So, with one leg outstretched, wobbling a little I whipped out the phone and took the photo. A quick touch up in snapseed and camera+ and this could quite possibly be my favourite iPhone pic I’ve taken.

Is it the best? What do you think?

8 responses to “Photo a day May 14 – Grass

  1. Great pic! I feel like a cow glancing up and thinking ‘gotta finish all this before that sun disappears!’

    Brill shot tho!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait until it’s dry. I’m going to finish my runs with a nice lie down on that grass looking up at the sky, like a big sweaty cow. x

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