Photo a day May 8 – A smell you adore


Oh man I love this smell so much! The corner of Water Street and Castle Street in Liverpool smells the best thanks to my favourite Starbucks.

Sadly, in the past week I’ve decided to wean myself off my gingerbread soy latte addiction (for it was getting silly just how much coffee I was drinking). It’s becoming very difficult walking this way to work and smelling the tempting aroma of coffee beans so I’m changing my route to work and stocking up on herbal teas.

Talking of herbal teas a friend of mine has been telling me about Herbalife herbal instant teas that boost your metabolism, make you feel more energised and you burn 80cals with every cup you drink! This sounds just my cup of (herbal) tea! I’ll let you know how it smells and tastes when I get my hands on some.

What’s your favourite smell?

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