What I wore Wednesday…but on a Friday

Argh! I’ve just been doing some housekeeping on the back end (oo-er!) of the blog and noticed that this post was still in drafts. Bugger. I write most of these posts on the train and have to time it right before I go through the Kirkdale tunnels and lose the 3G signal. It looks like this was one of those incidents.

Here’s the post that should’ve appeared on Wednesday but didn’t:

This week I’m once again linking up with Transatlantic Blonde for her ‘What I wore Wednesday’ blog hop. Since last week and reading the other WiwW posts I’ve been inspired! I was loving Belfast Mummy’s ensemble and Lauren Rebecca’s style, photography and blog in general have had me hooked all week. Participating really got me thinking about dressing well and making more effort with my clothes. I took every single item out of my wardrobes and sorted them out. I bagged up 5 bin bags full of items that no longer fit, are not fashionable and things I’m kidding myself about ever looking good. After a collection from Clothes Collect (a genius idea from a local charitable recycling company) I had space in my wardrobe for new items. However, I was determined to not do my usual and make a beeline for the sale rail or anything purple (I have a purple addiction) and instead choose wisely. I spent a good hour child free in Next and then popped into Asda on my way home. I got a few items but put these together for work on Monday:


The top from Next was a very reasonable £22, is silky and longer at the back which I liked because it covers my bottom. The jeans were from Asda, are classed as duck egg blue, one of my favourite colours and were £14. The boots are the same as last week, my new recent eBay purchase of Bally boots for £20 (bargain!) and skinny brown belt from Asda for £3.50. Fashion rules state that a big busted girl shouldn’t wear high neck tops but I always find one with a pattern detracts from my rather large assets and I’m not worried about a horrendous Moll Flanders-esque cleavage on show. So screw you, Fashion rules!


What did you wear this week? Head over to Transatlantic Blonde’s blog and see what everyone else wore.

One response to “What I wore Wednesday…but on a Friday

  1. Brilliant outfit, the duck egg blue jeans look amazing with the brown. And that top really suits you, who cares what the fashion rules say when it looks great. So into this coloured jean thing. Must look in Asda, another shop to add to my it’s not clothes shopping, it’s food shopping. X

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