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I know, I know.  I’m pretty useless at keeping up with this Groovy Mum blog hop.  I sincerely apologise to Kate On Thin Ice.  I do read all of her posts though and try to keep up with the other Groovy Mums and what they’re up to.  Sometimes I think I’m a bit too silly and immature for some of the questions, preferring to take a ridiculous light hearted view of the world, but I’m actually going to be sensible and have a go.

I’m editing videos right now and it’s going to take another 78 minutes apparently before all the clips are uploaded.  So, no excuse.  I am NOT procrastinating on Facebook or wasting my life away on Twitter for once, I’m going to do the damn Groovy Mum blog thingymajig.

Here goes…

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Kate’s questions this week are:

1. Body – have you looked into homeopathy?  Tell us about it or find out more here

Recently I have been having a few dental problems.  I say a few when really it’s LOADS!  I wrote a testimonial for my new dentist here which explains it in more detail.  I recently had a tooth out and used Arnica to help with the recovery which I think was great.  My boss actually recommended it to me which was a bit of a shock.  He is a blokey bloke who rather enjoys ripping me for my veggie/healthiness and anything alternative so when he suggested it I KNEW it had to be good!  Shaun had to help me with the little white pill thingies as I was still a bit of a vegetable after the anaesthetic wore off.  I still don’t get why you can’t touch them, anyone know?  I’m also always covered in bruises and Arnica cream is working like a dream in helping to shift them.

2. Mind – What was the last time you studied something?  How did you find it?  Is it time you looked into new courses and learning opportunities?

I wouldn’t use the word ‘study’ but in the past fortnight I made a video showing me getting a Blow Dry lesson at Voodou in Liverpool.  This is absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend it to all ladies.  I feel so much better when my hair is blow dried.  I am always complimented on my hair and it’s natural colour so blow drying it straight leaves it shiny, silky and shows off my red tones.  I really don’t style it properly at all these days and this lesson enabled me to pick up some professional tips and techniques which I’ve since used at home in recreating the style myself.  It’s made a massive difference and all ties in nicely to getting that all important Groove back.  Here is the video:

3. Spirit – On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrated the resurection.  What do you need to resurrect in your life?

I’m not very good at these spirit questions, being 0% religious.  However, I would say that Shaun and I need to resurrect our social life.  Blake is of an age where he is absolutely fine being left in the care of his Grandparents.  So we should take the opportunity to go out more.  We socialise with friends a lot, but going out just the two of us is a rare occasion that we really need to work on.

4. Blogging – why not promote your blog on the Britmums Spring Linky?  Find out how here  Also remember to vote for your favourites in the MAD Blog Awards and the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  Thanks to those who have nominated me for the MADS and the Outstanding, Change and Inspire categories for the #bibs.

One day I will get my finger out and do this promotion of my blog lark.  I really enjoy it, and wish I had more time for it.  I’ve voted!  Good luck.

5. Charity Connections – check out this week’s World Parkinson’s Day and World Haemophelia Day.  Join the Britmums Charity Connections Group to find out more at and don’t forget that Tots100 have their Twitter party tomorrow night which you can discover more about here

Gah!  I missed the Twitter party.  I am always late for everything.

6. The Big Question – what one small thing can you do that will make a big difference?  Take this how you will and in a way that serves you.  Be aware that is inspired by the work of and check out their #letsthrive campaign.

I always feel so small in this situation.  What can I do?  How can one person make a difference?  But if we all had that opinion then nothing would be achieved.  So, I thank you Kate for highlighting this and I have signed up.  I urge you to do the same.

So why is Kate challenging mums?  Purely because in September 2011 she decided to change her life and welcomed some other lovely mums along for the ride.  You can be one of those mums.  Find out more here

7 responses to “The Groovy Mums Blog Hop

  1. Oh my god, I use to go to Voodoo for my hair cuts when I was a student in Liverpool!! I’m also being rubbish at keeping up with groovy mums

  2. This is just what I like to read, I’m one of your biggest fans. Please keep it going. xxxxx

  3. Lovely post and thanks for taking on the challenges. They are optional but it is lovely when mums have a go at them. You sound very groovy to me and how many times do I have to say that you don’t have to take part except when it makes sense to you to do so. I do not have a big stick. Don’t forget we have a Twitter party with prizes tomorrow Wednesday 18th April from 1pm -2pm. Also we have the new network at so you can dip in and out of that

    • No I need a big stick Kate! I read all your posts (usually save them up and read on the train home) and then wish I had time to write my own! I’m addicted to reading blogs, that’s what it is.
      I’m working tomorrow but if I manage to grab a lunch break I will try to join in the Twitter party x

  4. I’m rubbish at keeping up with the groovy mums too. Watched your wee clip – looks fab. I need to learn to blow dry properly… trying to grow my hair but not sure what I’m going to do with it when it’s long!?!

    • Aw thanks Sarah. I know, mine is very long at the moment and most days I do nothing and end up looking like a cross between Angry Kid and a Fraggle. Not a good look! Need to make more of an effort, the blow dry lessons did help though x

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