March Photo A Day Challenge: Day 18 – Home


There’s a story behind this one.

We moved into our house almost two years ago. I was pregnant at the time and I protested that I wanted to put the dining table in the conservatory and change this dining room into a play room. My requests fell on deaf ears as my husband was adamant we didn’t need a play room.

This time last year I asked again if we could turn the dining room into a playroom and got told no.

The dining room became a dumping ground.

We ate about 6 meals in there.

It was driving me crazy.

Blake is now 15 months old and into everything! He has been driving us both insane emptying the contents of the cupboards, eating dog food, swinging off the baby gate and attempting to hibernate in the washing machine. He had a box of toys tucked behind the sofa in the front room and I honestly think he was bored because he could hardly get to them. There was no real space that was his. There was nowhere for him to be a toddler and just play.

Last week after about the 20th time of stopping him climbing into the washing machine, trying to get in the bin and minesweeping the contents of the fridge all over the kitchen floor Shaun was broken. The words “I think we should turn the dining room into a playroom” trickled out of his defeated mouth. It took every ounce of self control not to scream back “I EFFIN TOLD YOU SO!!!!” instead I remained composed, smiled, gave him a hug and said “Darling that’s a great idea.”

So here is the photo for today, taken just now in our newly converted play room!

Blokes… We women ALWAYS get our own way in the end. Do yourselves a favour and just give in. Why prolong the agony?!

4 responses to “March Photo A Day Challenge: Day 18 – Home

  1. This is my favourite picture so far. It’s beautiful and looks like wherever Blake is, means home. Gorgeous. And also – men are dicks. We always win x

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