March Photo A Day Challenge

I saw a few people on my Facebook news feed completing the Feb photo a day challenge. I wanted to play along but only had a half-working old Blackberry at the time and the photos from it weren’t that great.

Last Friday after being iPhone-less for almost 6 months (I got wasted on my first proper post-baby piss up and lost it) I took delivery of a brand new iPhone 4s. That was at 11am. Now my track record with phones is beyond abysmal. By 2:30pm I’d dropped said brand new shiny iPhone down the toilet. Yep. Just over 3 hours old and it was down the crapper. At least it was pre-wee. So, I shoved it in an old plastic takeaway tub full of rice for three days on the advice of a friend and it now works fine! Hooray, and thank god.

So, I’ve fallen in love with the iPhone again and in particular the photography apps. I’ve also set myself up on instagram for the first time and discovered this monthly photography challenge courtesy of @fatmumslim on there.

Here is the challenge for March:


And so here I am attempting the full 31 days. Day 1:


Let’s hope I can keep it up and let’s hope I don’t screw the iPhone any further!

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