That’s Not My Husband – Bedtime Story Parody

My now 13 month old is a massive fan of the ‘That’s Not My…’ stories range from Usborne books. If you’re a parent reading this you will no doubt have seen these various Monsters, Angels, Tigers, Puppies et al who all possess the wrong nose, eyes, tail or teeth. They’re super cute books and brilliant for this young age as every page has a different touchy feely texture for baby to explore.  At least two of these books feature in our bedtime routine every night.

We now have a new ‘That’s Not My…’ book to add to our collection. I found it in ASDA and nearly wet my knickers. Absolutely brilliant! It’s not by Usborne, in no way endorsed by them, it’s a parody and a bloody good one! I filmed myself reading it to Blake tonight.

Apologies the sound is a bit muffled, it’s my first go at recording myself on the iPad.

My idiot husband is not impressed with this book.  Oh well!

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