My breastfeeding journey – week 7 ‘Boobie Club & Baby Sensory Classes’

Week 7  – Boobie club & Baby Sensory Classes

So after the last few weeks of being sleep deprived and having a low milk supply things are looking up and looking good!  Ever since Blake was born I’ve been trying to get to the Breastfeeding Drop In session at the Hudson Children’s Centre in Maghull.  It’s on every Thursday from 11am – 1pm and I’d really wanted to go.  I wanted to see what it was all about for myself but also for this blog.  It’s a service that’s provided free of charge for breastfeeding mums and there are breastfeeding groups all over Liverpool (Click here for more).  This week I finally managed to get ready and get there, albeit a little bit late so Blake and I were the last to arrive.  I used the Hudson Children’s centre for the midwife drop in clinic and also picked up my home birthing pool from there so I’d already had the warm welcome that you always get when you arrive at the Hudson (everyone is so lovely!).  Claire from Breast Start leads the group and it’s nothing formal, just a chance for Mums with a common ground to come together and chat, share breastfeeding tips and also the most important thing…EAT CAKE! And muffins… and toast… and bananas if you’re inclined to sway towards the healthy option.  It’s a really nice group with about 7 mums at the moment and for two hours we have a good laugh, a good moan and a good time.  Claire brings the cakes, we all chip in making the brews and there are sofas and cushions to comfortably feed our babies should they need to.  When I first arrived at the session, I was really really pleased to see someone I knew there; Jenny.  I’d met Jenny at Aqua Natal when we were pregnant and found her hilarious.  A fellow ‘wool’ with a Scouse husband too, Jenny had me in stitches every week whilst attempting our ridiculous pre-natal exercises in the murky discarded Elastoplast infested waters. The lack of telecommunication equipment in the pool meant I didn’t get the chance to grab her number before she left Aqua Natal to have her gorgeous daughter Madison.  So, on arriving to the Breastfeeding Drop in session,  it was really good to see a familiar face and hear the distinctive mischievous laugh.  This time we swapped numbers and agreed we’d have to meet up.  It’s hard work being a stay at home Mum so is always good to have a friend who knows exactly how you’re feeling.  That night Jenny text me saying it was nice to see Blake and I at ‘Boobie Club’!  Ha ha and so the newly titled Boobie Club was christened.

Blake had his last visit at home by Vicky the health visitor.  He was asleep when she arrivedso wasn’t very happy at being woken up and then stripped off to be weighed!  I was though, as my little soldier was weighing in at a very healthy 10lb 9oz.  Shaun gave me the knowing nod when the scales beeped with his new weight, knowing it was all because of me.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that your little one is thriving all thanks to you and the amazing job your body does. 

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I also had a chat with Vicky about my recent decision to put Blake in his own room.  The guidelines that you are given say that they recommend the baby stays with you in your room for the first six months.  However, Blake is so long that he had started to push himself up his Moses basket and was getting frustrated in there.  He likes to sleep like a starfish with his hands and legs outstretched so we started first of all putting him in his cot for his daytime sleeps.  He slept much longer than he would’ve done in his chair in the front room or on my chest and I found he was much happier and seemed more refreshed.  Putting him in his own room meant we have been able to put him down earlier.  He seems to really like his nursery compared to our room and the moses basket so getting him to bed between 8pm and midnight had been much easier.  It also meant Shaun and I could cook a proper meal and sit down at the table together rather than doing our meals in shifts like we had been for so long.  Just having that bit of adult time together over dinner at the table made all the difference.  It made me feel like we were a proper couple again having some ‘us’ time.  I’m lucky my parents bought us an absolutely brilliant monitor.  It’s got a camera so wherever we are in the house we can see and hear Blake clearly.  I sleep with it next to my bed and am constantly waking up checking the screen to see if he is OK.  I do get up and do the typical mother thing of creeping in his room and feeling his chest to check he is breathing, you know just to make sure!  Ridiculous really because he snores like a trooper so I can always hear him through the monitor.

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Big Boy Blake in his big bed!

Jenny got in touch later in the week to say that a new Baby Sensory class was starting up and did Blake and I fancy it?  Definitely! Jenny was going along with her daughter Madison and another member of Boobie Club; Fran would be taking her son Ben.  So it was a mini Boobie Club outing.  Baby Sensory is a class that uses songs, sights, sounds and textures to encourage a baby’s sensory development in the vital first year.  I met the founder of Baby Sensory, Dr Lin Day at a children’s educational event years and years ago and had been a part of one of her sessions.  At the time I was the only one there participating without a child of my own and even though I felt like an idiot I could see that the other babies were having a brilliant time and it was a lovely thing to do with a little one.  So when it was suggested to join the local class I jumped at the chance!  I got in touch with the group leader Mel on Facebook and booked us on the session for the next day (booking by Facebook!  How very 2011 eh?).   Blake was the youngest in the class but he paid attention, was very alert and reacted well just not to me!  Whilst all the other babies gazed adoringly at their mummies, Blake could not take his eyes off Mel for the whole session.  I’m not surprised though, she had so much energy I’m sure she is sponsored by Red Bull.  Us sleep deprived Mums really got a wake up call!  Next week I think I’ll give Blake to Mel and I’ll take her plastic doll she uses and curl up on one of the soft furry play mats at the back of the class.  That way I can catch some zzzzs and she can also sort him out when he’s sick, especially when doing his new favourite song ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ which he gets so excited about he’s usually sick on himself.  Joy of joys.
Straight after Baby Sensory, Jenny, Fran and I zoomed along to Boobie Club with babies in tow just in time for muffins, coffee and Creme Eggs!  It also meant all three of us could feed our babies in a nice warm comfortable environment and carry on the chatter.  Claire who leads the group from Breast Start was making us laugh with her stories of people opposing breastfeeding.  My favourite one was a bloke who likened Breastfeeding to wearing caveman clothes.  Apparently it’s unneccesary and we don’t need to do it in this day and age just like we don’t need to wear caveman clothes anymore!  Oh my days… these people actually walk amongst us you know!

One response to “My breastfeeding journey – week 7 ‘Boobie Club & Baby Sensory Classes’

  1. My wife who also runs Baby Sensory Classes in the USA, had our daughter 7 weeks ago and as a very important bonding time with mother and baby. We all recognise the evr importance of breast feeding.
    To many young mothers these days are to eager to get a bottle in their babies mouths. Hence the issues that araise later on in life!

    Breast feeding is and always will be #1 for babies in so many ways not just nutritionally.

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