The Baby’s Got A Motorbike

I left the baby in the care of Daddy and Nanny for one day. Just one day. (I should point out that I’m not posh or rich enough to afford a Nanny, this is ‘Scouse for Nanna/Nan/Grandma!).

They went to ToysRUs.

They came back with this…


It says age 1-3 on the box. Now, he’ll be 11 months old this week so he’s only mere weeks away from the recommended age displayed on the box. However, it just seems too old for him! Or is it me? Am I desperately clinging onto the last few days, hours and minutes of his babyness?

Watch this and see for yourself. He’s not a little baby anymore is he?

I’m off to buy crash helmets, knee pads, wrist guards and a tonne of cotton wool and bubble wrap. Oh and some Kalms for myself!

2 responses to “The Baby’s Got A Motorbike

  1. Gemma he looks so grown up. He’s changed LOADS since mum and I had him. Bloody adorable. Wish I could ‘like’ this a million times! I love it and I think Blake does too!!! So so cute. Miss spending time with you! And I that the Tshirt I bought him? Aaaarrgh he’s so delightful! Big fat mwah xxxxxxxxx

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