Mother’s Guilt


The day you pop a sproglet out your moglet is the day the dreaded Mother’s Guilt starts.

Here is what I’ve felt guilty about today alone, (it’s my day off too!):

– guilty I didn’t remember to buy bread yesterday so my husband had no toast and the baby had a strange scrambled egg, avocado and strawberry breakfast.
– guilty I put Blake in front of the TV in his highchair whilst I rushed round collecting the dirty washing and put a wash on.
– guilty I left Blake crying in his high chair whilst I did washing.
– guilty I left Blake crying in his high chair whilst I cleaned the kitchen.
– guilty with tears when I realised he had soiled his nappy and that’s why he was crying.
– guilty I had to leave the dog on his own, unwalked for the 4th day in a row.
– guilty I didn’t have time to get petrol yesterday so nearly made us late for swimming when we had to stop to fuel the car.
– guilty I dunked Blake under the water in the pool (he cried).
– guilty I forgot to buy two good friend’s babies a first birthday present so had to literally run through town to get them.
– guilty I didn’t join Blake in the ball pool at the play centre and take in his little face, in awe of the colours and other kids, just generally having a great time.
– guilty I left the washing in the machine and didn’t put it out to dry so have no clean clothes for tomorrow.
– guilty I have scratched encrusted rice cakes off the only available not-completely-filthy or wet through pair of trousers for Blake to wear tomorrow.
– guilty I looked like a complete frazzled, tired, pale makeup free, podgy dog when Shaun’s work colleague who I’ve never met before popped round for a brew.
– guilty for feeling relieved that Blake slept for more than an hour and I could attempt to clean up.
– guilty that all I seem to do is clean yet my house still feels disgusting, dirty and untidy.
– guilty for asking my mother in law to come round for the third time this week whilst I teach at night. Blake is asleep the whole time, it’s not even as if she gets to see him.
– guilty I didn’t have time to make Blake a proper lunch or dinner and extemely guilty (with tears) I gave him a jar of food for lunch and then baked beans for tea. Feel like a failure.
– guilty I have eaten a savoury muffin, 2 mini bags of Haribo, a packet of crisps and a lump of cheese for tea. Feel like a fat failure.
– guilty I forgot to read Blake a bedtime story as I was in a rush.
– guilty for shouting at the dog a bit too much.
– guilty for reading my work emails and realising I made a massive mistake on Tuesday before I left and my poor colleagues (who are also good friends) have had to get me out the shit.
– guilty for writing this post when I should be using the time to sort everything out before the mad morning rush to work starts at 6am.


Tomorrow is a new day.

Actually, tomorrow is a work day so the guilt of leaving my baby will crush me all day.

Double, triple, quadruple… Meh!

9 responses to “Mother’s Guilt

  1. You cannot be perfect EVERYDAY! This was just one day and it happens sometimes. It’s crap but I’m sure Blake will forgive you haha! I sound like an codger and I actually have no kids……I’ll shut up now but chill darling x

  2. Well…at least you dont have to feel guilty about being a fantastic friend and an incredibly well-intentioned person. Big hugs cutie gemmie bear xxxx

  3. You’re only human, and we all have bad days/weeks. You’re Blake’s mummy & he loves you. You’re doing your best, you can’t do anymore. Send the husband out to walk the dog & pick up some bread whilst he’s at it x

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