The Gallery: Colour

This week’s theme on The Gallery is colour.

Now, hear me out on the back story here…
I’m really lucky that I have access to two amazing professional cameras (belonging to my husband). I’m really unlucky though that I am female and therefore possess this inbuilt personality chip which has a complete inability to be taught anything new by my husband. It’s a kind of child-like immature rebellion. I just can’t stand the lecture, the boredom as he whittles on and I refuse to listen and shut down when he tries to help and teach. I know I’m not alone! I know that there are plenty more women out there incapable of taking instruction from their other half.

One area where I would love to be able to switch this pathetic trait off is when it comes to the cameras. Shaun takes the most amazing pictures. He’s completely self taught and has poured hours and hours into his craft. He’s tried and tried on many occasions to transfer this vast knowledge onto me so that I too can take photographs like him. Do I listen? No, well… sometimes. To a point. Does it nearly result in divorce? Yes! Every single time.

Whilst Shaun has studied topics such as depth of field, aperture and all those other words I am familiar with but do not in any way understand, I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants. I have the most basic knowledge of photography but for some reason I get lucky and manage to take some damn good shots (if I do say so myself).

The other night I was out hosting an Avant Garde hair show for Voodou. I said I would take some photographs of the evening so took the Nikon D700 with me. The venue where the show was held may have well been lit by candlelight, it was so dark. As I was hosting too, I said my piece on the microphone, introduced the models and literally had 5 seconds to get off the stage and get in position to take some good shots.

The models came at me thick and fast and I had no time to check the shots in between photos. When they had done their final walk round I had time to hit the play button and let out an audible gasp as every single photo was black! Every single photo except this one…

A perfect example of colour shining through the dark don’t you think?! And my entry to this week’s Gallery.

I showed it Shaun and he started going on about it being a great example of ‘rule of thirds’. Again, no idea what he’s going on about but I’ve already had loads of great feedback about the photo which makes me feel very proud, and my husband slighty seethe.

One day I’ll listen…

2 responses to “The Gallery: Colour

  1. Ohhhhh I so hear you Ma’am. My son’s Dad is a self-taught, now semi pro photographer and he does the same … tries to teach me, for hours. I’m too impatient and would rather him just give me one little tip and let me get on with bolloxing it up for a while and then working it out!
    That said Misses, this, is one gorrrrrgeous shot. Well worth all the ones that didn’t quite work out (have you tried lightening those up in Photoshop btw?? there might be sthg you can salvage?) Love the post 🙂

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