The Gallery: Home

This week’s theme from Tara’s Sticky Fingers blog in The Gallery was ‘Home’.

I struggled with this.  So I asked Shaun.  “Which bit of the house feels like home to you?”

“None of it.  It’s all gash.”

“Come on!  Don’t be such a dick.  It isn’t.  Which bits do you like?”

“I’m tellin’ yer.  None of it.  Because you were up the duff we rushed everything to actually get in the place.  We didn’t take any time to think about it, got everything in a sale and I just hate it all now.  Nothing is finished off properly.  It doesn’t feel homely.  I want to start all over again.  And I need to stop watching that lanky prick on Grand Designs.  He’s depressing me.”

Yes he does.  Kevin McCloud brings out the worst in Shaun at the moment.  He threatened to get a sledgehammer and knock the conservatory down earlier after watching repeats of Grand Designs because it’s “Just pissin me off, like”.

This week’s theme really got us thinking and it’s highlighted that we definitely need lots of finishing touches like framed pictures, soft lighting, rugs and a few mirrors in our house to try to make it feel like home.  So one good thing that’s come out of the gallery is it’s forced us to get our finger out and get organised.  I sense a trip to Ikea on the horizon which although will be great for getting the bits we need for the house, will inevitably cause a near divorce.  I don’t know what it is about Ikea but we just walk out of there wanting to kill one another every time!  Anyone else go through the same thing?

I struggled that much with finding something homely for this week’s theme that I wasn’t going to post at all.  Then last night, I did something that I haven’t done properly in months.  I had a very long hot soak in the bath and read a book!  It was bliss.  Just perfect.  Our bath is immense.  When I was pregnant I wanted a home birth and hired a giant birthing pool.  I need not have bothered though for the midwives who looked after me at home couldn’t believe the sheer size of our tub.  I could’ve easily have delivered in there!  Our bath is so big you can fit all three of us in there and not feel like you’re stuck in the toboggan on Cool Runnings.

I loved having a long hot bath.  It was just so peaceful, relaxing and wonderful.  Whilst lying there with my book, feet up, I caught a glimpse of the bath crayons, had the crazy idea for this shot, scribbled, grabbed my phone and took the photo.

This is most definitely where I feel at home.

reading a book in the bath

5 responses to “The Gallery: Home

  1. forget ikea! ebay baby!!! you can get original, one off stuff really cheap (or not) AND you can do it naked on your couch watching judge judy.
    hugs xxx

  2. That is just perfect! Very much admiring your toenails too . . .
    And Lani is right, Ebay is just brilliant for stuff like this. I’m currently stalking a shabby chic toilet roll holder – can you even believe it!

    • Well I never even knew a shabby chic toilet roll holder existed?! You learn something new everyday… Oh and the toenails it’s a Rimmel one called Desire I think. Comes with a big thick flat brush and lasts ages. Cheap as chips too! x

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