Getting my groove back

This is a post inspired by the Kate on thin ice blog.  Another fab Mummy blogger I follow.  She asks us to write about what we’ve done to get our va va voom back in the week.

Getting my groove back…

I return to work this coming Monday after eleven months off.  Eleven whole months.  Wow!  Even though I feel physically sick at the thought of it, a small part of me is really looking forward to it.  I’ve loved my maternity leave.  I think those who know me and know how much of a workaholic I am have been in the past have been quite shocked that I wasn’t back at the radio station after a few weeks, working all hours and getting involved in everything.  I’ve just not been ready at all and I figured that I would never get this time back with Blake so was adamant I was taking off as long as I could and I’m very grateful to my employers for allowing me to do this.  It means that although you’ll still catch me getting teary at the thought of handing my boy to someone else three days a week I AM actually excited about going back to work.  And I AM ready.  I am excited about feeling like ‘me’ again.  Not ‘Blake’s Mummy’, my title for the last ten months but Gemma.  Gemma from Juice FM.  I’m looking forward to getting her back again.  The organised, straight talking, motivated and driven girl I have missed.  It’s not going to be easy and I think it will take me a couple of weeks to get my work groove back but I’m determined to enjoy this new change and the challenges that will no doubt come with it.  This is going to sound awful, but I’m most looking forward to the enormity of the constant responsibility for Blake being completely taken care of by someone other than me.  Getting a break from teething, tantrums and the pressures of his routine is something I am going to miss (because as a Mum you do feel like you’re the only person in the world who can look after your child properly) but it’s something I’ll relish too.

moroccanoil moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner

This week, on the getting my groove back quest, I’ve taken the time and a bit of money to look after my hair.  My very good friend Rob Webb, MD from Voodou hairdressers and barbers in Liverpool reminded me that you really do wear your hair every day.  It’s so true.  When I take the time to do my hair I feel so much better, more confident and attractive.  No matter how fat I’m feeling, no matter how many bags under my eyes, I can always make my hair look fantastic and in turn feel more uplifted.  It’s the one thing I am always complimented on and compliments do make a woman feel so much better.  So this week I invested in some Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner.  I’ve had the original Moroccanoil for a year and it’s really helped the condition of my hair.  Ever since my fabulous hairdresser Ryan convinced me to try the Moroccanoil curl cream, it’s changed my life!  My once Fraggle-like frizzy ginger bonce has been transformed overnight by this miracle cream.  I’ve got natural silky sexy ringlets which for the first time in 29 years I actually love! Because I just wash, apply the cream and then leave to dry naturally, I’m saving myself at least 5 hours a week in blow drying and styling!  Five hours!  I can get 3 loads of washing, a bag of ironing, hoover and mop the whole house in five hours.  So, to celebrate this fact I added to my Moroccanoil collection with the purchase of the shampoo and conditioner.  I also got Ryan to give it a well needed trim AND rebooked my next appointment to make sure I continue with the upkeep and maintain my hair’s condition.

Kate (on thin ice) asked us what song would be best to play whilst getting your groove back.  For me, it’s this one:
(If you’re not into funky house, fast forward to 1:01 and listen to the first verse and chorus at least – it’s worth it!).

I actually listen to this song A LOT.  I played it so much when I was pregnant that as soon as Blake hears the first part of the song his little eyes light up, and have done since he was teeny tiny.  I play this song on the way to work to set me up for the day.  I play it when I’m having a fat day and am feeling like a diet failure.  It’s the first song on my running playlist on my iPod.  I play it before I perform and I play it when I feel down or when Shaun and I aren’t getting on.  I love this song so much that I’ve requested it to be played at my funeral.  A bit macabre I know, but it’s just so perfect.  I was given this song on a good old retro cassette when I was 18 by a very good friend at the time who accompanied it with a card that simply said “Believe Gemsie, and you’ll always find a way”.  I’d just split up from my first serious boyfriend and I had missed out on University.  I was so down at the time but this song always cheered me up and got me through the tough times.  It’s become my signature song ever since.  I know the exact point on my journey into work to press start on the iPod so that it finishes just as I pull into the car park.  Sad I know, but hey that’s me.

The other thing Kate asked was what we’re going to do to make our bodies feel better this week.  My aim for this coming week is to try curb my caffeine intake.  I’m still breastfeeding and donating breast milk to the Wirral Mother’s Milk Bank so for my boy and the premature babies that my milk helps, I really can’t get into my old habits of surviving the working day on coffee.  So, it will be peppermint, raspberry and fennel Mama Tea for me and attempting to drink my 2 litres of water a day.  This in turn, will help curb the hunger pangs and mean I stay on track for losing my Mummy tummy.

So that’s me and my search for my own va va voom this week.  What about you?  What have you done this week and what song will help you get your own groove back?

Gem x


11 responses to “Getting my groove back

  1. All the best on the momentous return to work. Hope you link up next week and tell us all about it. Wow, we have a celebrity amongst the #groovingmums now. Parenting is relentless. For me, that is the bit I dislike most. If a Government facilitated mums getting even half a day off every week, I think the world would be a much better place and families would be far happier. Right, off my soapbox and back to saying thanks for posting and all the best with an exciting week ahead

  2. What a great post. I go back to work in January on a part-time basis and I’m looking forward to it. A good shampoo & conditioner are on my shopping list. Like you I feel much better about myself when I’m looking good, even if it is just a smear of lipgloss & some mascara.

  3. Wow a blast from the past Voodoo in Liverpool, my husband use to love getting his locks tended there! I found going back o work was actually the making of me and the turning point for me in my PND as it did allow me to be me again. I also wanted to say as a mum of 2 premmies, I take my hat off to you and donating milk to a milk bank, for the hundred’s of babies your milk has helped I say thank you! I struggled with milk for one so there is also a hint of jealousy 🙂

    • Aw thanks hun, the donation feels like a chore sometimes (especially because you never get to meet anyone who benefits from it) so it’s nice to hear a bit of encouragement. Thanks for stopping by xxx

  4. mr mammasaver thinks I am now v cool after hearing your song come from my laptop! Mwhahaha. Makes a change from Neil Diamond.

    Great to hear about your work. I can empathise with your relief at someone else looking after Blake while you’re at work – I can feel a weird kind of pressure being the main source of entertainment for our little lad.

    Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

  5. Best of luck with your return to work! I hope it goes well, and I’m sure you’ll love to be back!

    I definitely agree on the hair thing. I feel so much more attractive when I have made my hair look presentable. You’ve reminded me that my hair could really do with a trim BEFORE it starts to resemble a birds nest, so thank you for that. I shall see if I can get to the hair dresser next week. 🙂

  6. Completely agree with the hair sentiments. For me, a good hair day usually means I’m on the right path to it being a good day!
    Well done for doing the breast milk donation. That’s fantastic. It must have taken alot of commitment. I’m trying to curb the caffine too – creamy latte’s are my vice,I consider them my mid morning reward for getting halfway through the day with the toddler in tow!

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