The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

So it’s The Gallery time once again (have a read here if you missed the first one as it explains it all).

This week’s theme is ‘Guilty Pleasures’.  I thought long and hard about this one all day on Saturday.  What are my guilty pleasures?  Marmite?  Musicals?  Chesney Hawkes’ facial moles?  I really couldn’t decide.

I was still pondering this theme on Saturday night when my Husband, Sister, Brother-in-law and I went on an impromptu night out gallivanting round Liverpool.  It was my first proper night out partying for almost 20 months thanks to pregnancy and motherhood.  So it was really time for a long overdue night of letting my hair down.  ‘Let your hair down’ was a bit too tame a description to convey the state we ended up.  We resembled toddlers let loose in a Wacky Warehouse judging by the speed and excitement involved in necking as many alcoholic beverages in as little time as possible.  Of course, with such childish (but fun) behaviour there comes tragedy.  It wasn’t the sprained wrist, half a toenail missing or massive black bruise on my arse from falling down a flight of stairs in a club that caused me the most tragedy and pain this weekend, it was the loss of something truly truly dear to me.  Something that has practically become an extra limb for me since I first laid eyes on it two and a half years ago.  Something I just can’t live without.  Jeez, this thing is practically family!  It goes everywhere with me; in bed, in the bath and even to the bog!  What is this thing I speak of?  My ultimate guilty pleasure – my beautiful shiny wondrous iPhone:

iPhone 4 Facebook

My iPhone.  My guilty pleasure.  It brings me so much happiness and joy.  I know it’s sad but I don’t care.  I actually love this thing.  Probably as much as I love my husband.  Or the dog.  This lovely little device stops me feeling alone in this big bad world.  It organises my life, entertains, enlightens, educates and most importantly keeps me awake and alert during the middle of the night breastfeeding sessions!  I couldn’t live without it.  So, someone was smiling down on me yesterday and the very nice person who found it got in touch and sent it back to me in the post.  Wow!  How lucky am I?  I thought I was going to have to go cold turkey and live with my crappy £10 O2 shop Samsung not-even-got-‘Snake’-it’s-that-shite-and-basic mobile device forever.  Or at least until the iPhone 5 eventually, at long last, comes out.  But don’t get me started on the iPhone 5 hype as my pelvic floor aint what it used to be and I might just wet myself with excitement!

6 responses to “The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

  1. I also love my iPhone. Probably more than I love the husband. But to be fair, it is far more useful!
    I think I would have a breakdown if I lost mine. Hurrah for having it returned (and for a good night out!)x

  2. My husband thinks I have an unhealthy addiction to my iphone. He is quite possibly right, I feel panic set in when I can’t find it. Nice to know I’m not alone

  3. Laughing me socks off and thinking you might secretly be my Sis under a new alias … she would have to have hers surgically removed if someone asked her to put it down for a second. Seriously though, I’m only jealous. I’m one of the few women in the blogosphere left who really still has that shite “£10 O2 shop Samsung not-even-got-’Snake’-it’s-that-shite-and-basic mobile device ” except that mine’s a Nokia. It’s ok as phones go. It phones. End of. *sigh*.
    (Anyone want me to ‘try one out for free and write about it …? I’d even go back on my own principles and do a stunning review of it on my blog … no really, for an IPhone I really would … ) ok ok I’m going … )

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