Stupid things my husband does: Phallic Drawings

There is a scene in the film ‘Superbad’ that when we watched it for the first time, Shaun was nearly sick with laughter. Laughter of recognition.

This is the clip: (WARNING: Contains potty mouth swearing, please DO NOT play if your kids are around!)

Shaun has suffered with the same ‘problem’ for years. Whilst I doodle hearts, stars and cubes Shaun doodles willies.  He once even sculpted an impressive knob standing to attention out of marzipan and placed it proudly atop a cake…for his Mother. (I kid you not!).

Before motherhood when I used to drink and have an actual social life, I’d often fall asleep on people’s sofas, in bars, in clubs after one too many.  You would not believe the amount of times I have woken to look in the mirror and be greeted with the sight of a giant penis drawn in eyeliner/marker/charcoal on my forehead.  All thanks to my idiot husband.

Whilst I was cooking dinner tonight, this is what my husband was doodling:

My idiot husband… A filthy version of Neil Buchanan.

6 responses to “Stupid things my husband does: Phallic Drawings

  1. Please will yu put a ‘bladderfull’ safety warning on your blogs please? Just for me.
    Aunty J. xxx
    P.S…. I peed myself laughing

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