The Gallery: A Happy Memory

I’ve been following this blog called ‘Sticky Fingers’ for a while now and absolutely love something that she does on a weekly basis.  It’s called ‘The Gallery’ and each week she sets a theme.  Then your mission is to go out with your camera, or choose a photo you already have in your collection and submit it to her weekly gallery.  Now, although I’d class myself as someone with a decent level of intelligence (12 GCSE’s don’t you know!) I really didn’t get this at all and have only just realised that I am supposed to put a post up on my own blog with said picture.


So, this week’s theme was ‘A Happy Memory’.  Funnily enough, I was sitting down to write another ‘Dear Blake’ post about our recent trip to Devon and how much we loved it.  Seeing as though the whole idea behind ‘Dear Blake‘ is to write memories today for him to read tomorrow I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.

Dear Blake/The Gallery: A Happy Memory

Dearest Blake/Ginger Nugget/Ginger Prince/Monkey (for these are the names currently assigned to you I’m afraid!),

You’re 9 and a half months old right now.  And guess what?  You’re finally sleeping through!!!!  Now, this landmark has been eagerly anticipated by your loving parents for oooh… the past 9 and a half months!  Sleep deprivation has quite possibly been the toughest thing that your Dad and I have so far been through together.  It really is a killer and there have been times when we have really really thought that it was time to call it a day with one another.  On paper, this should’ve been the happiest year of our lives.  We moved into our dream home, your Dad is doing great at work and we are blessed with the most beautiful son we could ever have wished for – you.  But sometimes it’s just not seemed well, like enough.  It’s stupid and silly.  We have all the right ingredients to create the perfect family life but it’s like we lost the recipe method somewhere along the way.  Even though we haven’t necessarily known how to make the whole recipe work, there’s been one thing binding it all together.  You.  No matter how much your Dad and I fall out, no matter how much we irritate each other to the point of throwing a hot spatula at the kitchen window and storming off to sit on a bench outside the Horse & Jockey for an hour in the rain (that one was me…!), no matter how many times we sometimes wrongly feel like we don’t love each other in the same way anymore, we are ALWAYS joined together by our love for you.  You are the thing that keeps us strong, that reminds us we do love each other, who’s laughter can dispel any tension between us.  We love you so very much and we want to work hard to make sure that you grow up with a Mummy AND a Daddy.  Side by side.  A perfect team.  A family unit.

Last weekend we went to Devon for Aunty Lisa’s 30th birthday.  (Yes, I know, only 30 eh?!  She is well old now… just like me!).  The week before, Daddy had been working late every night and so had I.  You were also teething badly so had been reverting back to waking frequently which resulted in me rocking you back to sleep and pacing the hall at all hours.  It meant that your Dad and I were exhausted, stressed and really fed up.  What happens when people get like this?  You usually take it out on the one closest to you.  Normally, it would only be one of us stressed and exhausted so the other is always there to make us both laugh, chill out and cheer up.  As we were both in this bubble of stress it was just horrible.  We honestly thought that there was no point going on being married as we were just making each other miserable.  We were about to lose one another, forever.  So, what better way to solve tension and issues?  A very very long car journey.  To Devon.  If you are reading this now as a grown up and you’re getting yourself into arguments and upset with a loved one then get in a car and talk it out.  Cars are ace for solving arguments.  If you’re like me, you can’t throw kitchen utensils round and storm off in the rain or if you’re like your Dad you can’t get angry and drive like an idiot because you have precious passengers to think of.   I definitely think Jeremy Kyle should start doing a mobile TV show down the M5.  All problems would be solved!  (If you’re unsure who Jeremy Kyle is, he is some self-righteous god of all Chavs who is a whizz at DNA and lie detector tests.  YouTube his smug slappable face, if YouTube still exists in the future?).

So yeah, this trip to Devon.  It was the most perfectly timed journey and within 2 hours we had solved all our problems and issues and agreed to work hard to support one another.  We also agreed to be more positive, leave work at the door and focus on some quality family time together.  The rest of the 6 hour drive was spent making each other laugh, laughing at you, stopping for overpriced coffee at the Services, me attempting to hold your Dad’s hand tight all the time (and getting in the way when he was trying to change gear), making up alternative rude lyrics to your nursery rhymes, planning our future, sorting out finances and talking about our love for you and how utterly ace you are.  By the time we arrived to greet drunken Aunty Lisa and the crew your Daddy and I had fallen in love all over again.  It was wonderful.

We had a brilliant few days in Devon.  Good friends, good fun, a visit to the zoo, a massive house, a pool, drunken antics and laughter.  The best day for me though was at the local park where the three of us played around on the giant swing.  Spending good old quality family time together doing something free and fun.  Now usually your Dad and I are the ones behind the cameras, capturing everyone else’s precious moments.  It has meant that we don’t have any decent family photos and blurred iPhone pictures don’t count.  Being away and having time meant that Dad had been successfully teaching Dennis how to use his super duper spandangly camera and he took the very first proper photo we have of the three of us:

So for me, this is my very happy memory.  Our perfect family unit, bound together by love, laughter and our gorgeous little boy.

We love you more than you will ever ever know.


20 responses to “The Gallery: A Happy Memory

  1. Brilliant Gemma,,

    I so love reading your blogs….. I just wish I could get my arse into gear and send charlie emails to read in the future!!

    Great picture too , defo one for the wall ..

    Wish you lived here in adelaide xx

  2. Wow. You and your husband have achieved something so so special here. You can’t put a value on the type of bond you guys have.
    What an amazing post with an equally stunning photo to remind you all how good it really can be, if things get tough again.

    • I’m actually just on the computer copying it onto my USB drive so I can get a print of it done at Asda. I’m going to put it on my bedside table so I go to sleep and wake up looking at it. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment xxx

  3. If anyone does not recognise themselves in this post, they are a Stepford Wife or an absent father. This post is so real and true and I respect you so much for writing it. There will be challenging times ahead as that is the parenting game but hope you keep that love alive and put this photo somewhere obvious to remind you

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  5. I wish you had a warning on this!!! just decided to read it on my lunch at my desk at work and I want to burst into tears, you are such a beautiful writer, I wish I could write half as good as this, and also wish I had something like this Blake is a very lucky boy to have you (and maybe shaun ha) in his life. Your honesty about your life is something I admire- all a bit deep I know but for anyone out there stressing about their life its good to see that what looks perfect on the outside can also have it ups and downs. Keep up the good work, hope to see you soon xxxxx

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